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#205353 - 08/22/06 10:30 AM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
KieferS Offline

Registered: 07/04/06
Posts: 506
Loc: ATL
Oh yea- i saw fast and the furious, so i decided to drift at a place in atlanta called lake lanier. Nearly landed in the lake- till a tree stopped me. i wasnt going too fast- but i couldn't stop. Honestly- if i did hit the lake- thats what i got for being stupid ehehe

#205354 - 08/22/06 12:26 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
Shannow Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 36907
Loc: 'Stralia
When I was a kid, I recall my father changing the left reat tyre on a Standard 8. The factory jack creaked once, Dad sprang out, and the car hit the deck...he wasin the wheelwewll before, and visibly shaken after. I decided to never work under an unsupported vehicle.

Fast forward a few yers, and I had a new to me ford Falcon. Wanted to change the tranny oil, so jacked it up and put it on stands. I put the stands on some steel plates to spread the load. Haf way through, I felt like I was getting asthma. Took a few seconds to realise that the plates were sinking into the wet ground (wouldn't happen these days). Just squeezed out when I still had some room. I can still see the threaded bar that the former owner used to secure the shifter heading slowly toward my left eye.

Only time I really thought I was gone was when I hit a 25MPH hairpin at 80. Still don't know how I slid through that one.

#205355 - 08/22/06 01:34 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
gtx510 Offline

Registered: 04/26/04
Posts: 1463
Loc: CA
I ws doing 120-130 when I saw the sign for a 45mph curve.
palm tree 1, BMW 0

#205356 - 08/22/06 03:51 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
ekpolk Offline
The Regenerator

Registered: 04/05/04
Posts: 8881
Loc: Pensacola FL
Originally posted by Terry:
Engine failure in a single engine turbine OH-58A ( junk) at high speed ( 120 kts) below tree overhang along dirt road(about 3 feet off the ground) flying "convoy cover". Was a CW2 and young butter bar with me about pooped his pants as I exchanged airspeed for rotor RPM in the autorotation and climbed JUST enough to get back up over tree line and BARELY land the POS Bell Helo in an onion field. Tail rotor saw the trees but touchdown was just like I was taught. Slid about 3 feet on skids. Helo was repaired and flown out( by maintenance test pilot) after pneumatic line was replaced.

G-o-d didn't want us to leave yet..

Shoot Terry, I'd have just ejected. NATOPS says if you're below 10k feet and under 250 kts, just pull the handle and be done with it. Oh wait, that's right, an OH-58. . .
[Wink] [Razz] [Cheers!]

#205357 - 08/22/06 05:53 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
johnd Offline

Registered: 03/02/05
Posts: 621
Loc: Austin, TX
I helped a guy pull an engine and all he had was multiple wraps of dog leash chain. We had the thing in the air and links kept popping under load. Fortunately enough of them held that it didn't fall. I was nervous about it. Closest i ever had to a near death experience was last April 29th at 10:15 am. I was driving, not working on the car. We were hit head on in my wife's 1995 Honda Civic by a full sized Volvo when the driver lost consiousness and drifted over the center lane. If it had not been for deat belts and air bags I don't think either of us would be here now. The car was a total and both of us took quite a beating.

#205358 - 08/22/06 05:59 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
Pablo Offline

Registered: 10/28/02
Posts: 47158
Loc: Duvall WA - Pacific NW USA
Does nearly freezing to death in a sudden random blinding snowstorm count? Not a fast way to go, I can tell you that much! To this day I long for tropical women.

#205359 - 08/22/06 06:08 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
Terry Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
Posts: 3845
Loc: Greenville , Texas
Pablo really meant; "To this day I long for (fill in the blank)women." [LOL!]

ekpolk, Ejection seats in Helos are included in the autorotation package, you ride your work... success or not to the ground! [Canada]

#205360 - 08/22/06 06:19 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
Pablo Offline

Registered: 10/28/02
Posts: 47158
Loc: Duvall WA - Pacific NW USA
Actually the the "fill in the blank" line could replace women. ....tropical_________________. (fruit, climates, weather, life, assignments, houses, wildlife, etc). I did not mean that in the perverted sense.

#205361 - 08/22/06 06:22 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
ekpolk Offline
The Regenerator

Registered: 04/05/04
Posts: 8881
Loc: Pensacola FL
Originally posted by Terry:
(...snip...)ekpolk, Ejection seats in Helos are included in the autorotation package, you ride your work... success or not to the ground! [Canada]

Odd, isn't it, how by the end of WW-I, the engineers had perfected systems for synchronizing machine gun fire through a prop arc, but 90 years later, a shot up Apache driver is still stuck in his steed, for better or worse. . . I always found that having an e-seat under me made the few close shaves I had feel a lot less like close shaves in the first place. [Cheers!]

#205362 - 08/22/06 06:49 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
TallPaul Offline

Registered: 10/22/03
Posts: 13124
Loc: By Detroit
Times I could have died (besides the one listed above):

Being chased by enraged driver in a large car while riding a motorcycle doing 100 in a 25 mph zone.

Lowering a portable road work sign, while not knowing what I was doing (nor did the 30 year maintenance worker) and having the full weight of the sigh come crashing down where my head would have been (forgot to wear my hard hat too) and would have been killed or maimed, but for a call upon a higher power followed by a brief instant where I was able to hold the sign's weight while I jumped clear.

Attempting to get out of the motorhome on a road shoulder on the driver's side and wife stopped me just as I opened the door and was ready to leap out and a huge truck cam whizzing by very close to the door and likely where I would have been.

Having a car suddenly swerve from in front of me on the freeway only to reveal a parked vehicle in the middle of the freeway and only having enought time to swerve and hope nobody was in the next lane (nobody was).

Escaping a carload of crowbar weilding leather jacketd fellows after me and three buddies all pelted their nice Tbird with very hard packed snowballs and then as we passed them, lobbing a remaining snowball into the drivers lap. The escape was after runing about 6 red lights and crusing about 80 mph down the freeway in a light winter rain, then taking a left exit at the last instant from the right lane. My car went airborne when it hit the median curb (as you were supposed to exit sooner), then we went to a buddy's brother's place on the other side of town and crashed for the night. Whew!

There are others, but thankfully my memory is not so good anymore.

#205363 - 08/22/06 07:04 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
CBDFrontier06 Offline

Registered: 04/26/06
Posts: 1979
Loc: Dallas, TX
When I was in high school, we had a 1-ton flatbed truck parked behind the lift, which had a 64 Mustang sitting on it about 6 feet in the air getting transmission work. The guys working on the flatbed truck had the ignition switch on with the transmission in 1st gear, and someone accidentally shorted the starter circuit, causing the engine to turn over. The truck lurched forward, smacked the back end of the Mustang, which sent the Mustang catapulting off the front of the lift. The front half of the car hit the 5-ft concrete retaining wall separating the lift from the front walkway, and sent the retaining wall crashing to the floor in front of where I was standing. Pieces of cinder block flew everywhere as I turned to run. Had I been any closer to the wall, it woulda nailed me.

#205364 - 08/22/06 07:11 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
ekpolk Offline
The Regenerator

Registered: 04/05/04
Posts: 8881
Loc: Pensacola FL

Is it just perhaps possible that there's a lesson to be learned from the fact that, on more than one occasion, you have found yourself being chased by enraged people intent upon doing you bodily harm? [Wink] [Razz]

Actually, thanks, your story reminded me of my own snowball throwing escapades, from a time and place long ago left behind. Somewhere around age 15, my cousin and I had ambushed a guy in an old Caddy, pelting him so hard, it sounded like his rusty fenders were going to collapse. Mr. Linebacker skidded to a stop on the ice, leapt out with some sort of club in one hand, and without hesitation, chased us into the woods. He was gaining on us too, as we bounded through the thigh deep snow, until we reached the bank of a small creek. It was partially iced over, roughly 20 feet wide, and a tad less than waist deep. He was about 50 feet behind us, baring his teeth in an evil grin, and said something like, "I've got you little bas****s now." It didn't take long to decide: into the freezing water and across we went. As we ran to hide at a friend's place you could hear him screaming his promises to be back for us later. At the time, I sure thought it was a near-death experience! [Cheers!]

#205365 - 08/22/06 08:38 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
Nebraskan Offline

Registered: 07/17/06
Posts: 610
Loc: SW Michigan, near Fennville
Worked for Lockwood Corporation some years ago in their tire dept. They would grind and re-rubber the 16 ply truck tires for trator tread, mold the rubber under heat and pressure and the I would mount them on a drop center rim.

I had a regulaor on the tire and while it was filling I was mounting another tire. went over to check it because it looked very...plump. It had 165 lbs in it and as I started to let the air out it exploded. Broke my arm, and blew my coveralls nearly off. Pulled the zipper right out of them and around my neck. Witness said I went over backwards and face down, sort of flipped. I remember the "white" flash and I stil have ringing in my ears to this day. Once in a while I still have problems putting air in a tire.

#205366 - 08/22/06 11:23 PM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
johnd Offline

Registered: 03/02/05
Posts: 621
Loc: Austin, TX
The tire story is familiar. I had a semi tire blow up inflating it at about 80 lb and I couldn't hear out of the ear next to it all day. The blast just about knocked me down. I was sure glad it was the inside tire and not the outside one next to me.

#205367 - 08/23/06 12:52 AM Re: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES
GMorg Offline

Registered: 01/29/06
Posts: 2435
Loc: Mizzou-land
Example 1:
When I was a kid, I heard a single "tick" sound while under a stripped down Monza that we were preparing as a drag car. I looked around just in time to watch a cinder block fall apart - the one under the driver side rear. The car moved just a little and then balanced on two of the remaining three blocks - driverside front and passenger rear. I slid from under the car and proceeded to but jack stands on all four corners. actual live and learn story.

Example 2:
I use to deliver pizza in a '75 Rabbit. I was parked in a customers driveway that was fairly steep -manual transmission, no parking break. I had the steering wheel turned all the way to one side. I had the car in 1st gear. While at the front door of the customer, I saw the customer open the door and immediate produce a stupified glare with wide-opened eyes. As I looked around to see what had grabbed the customer's attention, the bumper of my car smacked me behind the knees. It had slipped out of gear and looped through their front yard backwards and up to the front door. As it paused about 4 inches beyond where I had recently stood, the front tires righted themselves and the car when rolling down their front yard slowly. I caught the car and put on the brakes as the car bashed into a shade tree. I had run over myself, outrun my car, and hit a tree, all at the same time. I was very embarassed, but not hurt otherwise. The car still has the dent in the bumper. A live and look stupid story.

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