Uconnect headset free repair option

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I hope this one will come in handy for those with the Uconnect entertainment systems, the factory headsets to be specific. The battery door on those are quite fragile. Came across the contact info to fix the Uconnect headsets for free on Chrysler forums, even if the vehicle is outside the manufacturer's warranty. Like my 15 Grand Caravan is. These headsets are known to break the battery door very easily, which happened in my case. This warranty covers other problems as well. Simply email the address below and tell them what's wrong with the headset. They will ask some verification questions and that the headset is a factory one. [email protected] After verifying that my headset is covered and my vehicle VIN, they presented me with two options. 1. Ship the faulty headset to them to repair or replace. But they told me it would take something like 5 weeks. 2. They will ship the replacement door along with instructions on how to change them. This option takes about 5 business days. I chose option two, of course LOL The shipped two replacement doors, I needed only one, so good to have a spare, and it took me probably all of 5 minutes to replace the door. The headset works like a charm now. Factory headset that I have. [Linked Image]