Strong relationship between SuperS and Kmart


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Just curious, is Woolworths still going Down Under?.
Yes they are everywhere and doing well. They mostly sell groceries. They have a spin off department store called BigW, less common, but more a direct competitor with KMart. The BigW chain stock Valvoline, when I needed some Zerex Dex-Cool the cheapest and easiest place to get it was BigW at the local shopping centre.
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Too bad customers don't have a strong relationship with Kmart.
I'd say it's the other way around. My wife and I always hit the Kansas State Fair in September. It's a good two hour drive for us and it used to have the nearest K-Mart store. A couple of years ago, K-Mart had their Super S oil on sale at that time. I stopped in there to purchase some and it was clearly sale-priced on the shelf, but rang up wrong at the cash register. I mentioned it to the cashier and she had somebody check on the price. The "associate", or whatever K-Mart calls them tells me that it's not on sale. I go back to the automotive section and the associate had pulled the sale price sticker off the shelf. I was going to grab a flyer and point out that it was clearly on sale, but I just simply gave up and left without making a purchase. The next year we drove past it, it was boarded up and had weeds growing between the cracks in the parking lot. That's been about my experience with every K-Mart store that I've tried to give business to and that's why their stores are ghost towns. their defense they're on the way to bankruptcy and everyone knows it. They pretty much have to hire walmart/target rejects...still, that's not the best excuse for poor customer service