Intake Resonator delete

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I have no idea what I'm looking at
And you have company. I liked the way the stock system sounded on the 528e. My '88s had 44mm pipes exiting the cat, with a resonator ahead of the muffler.and out. Mellow and not fatiguing on highway. Guys, I'm looking at 6K$ worth of hearing aid so I can hear my grandsons speak. To many DBs for too long and the ears wear out.
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Nice. I got 2psi more boost deleting the factory stuff on a 2013 juke nismo. Intake and inter cooler pipes. Some noise is fine.
That means you’re likely over-boosting. Changing parts on a (modern) turbo vehicle-without a tune is foolish. There are no ifs ands of buts about it. You may have “gained” boost, but your ECU may be pulling timing or trying to compensate for the changed intake and wrong MAF sensor reading via massive adjustments to fuel trim.