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#2265367 - 05/19/11 02:07 AM Driveworks Oil filters
Black_Thunder Offline

Registered: 09/23/06
Posts: 900
Loc: Wisconsin
I've seen the driveworks brand in air filters at advance auto awhile back, even bought one, compareable to a purolator, but today i first saw the oil filters in stock.

i bought one in the size i needed and also a purolator in the same size, (walmart was out of stcok of the motorcrafts)

they are the same size, the filter holes are the same, very similar.

i've heard that they may be purolator offbrand or made by a diff company to purolator specs.

the great part is it was under 3 bucks.

kinda rare to find that outside maybe buying a q-state filter which is never there in the size i need it in laugh.

but anyways, is anyone using these? are they of similar quality?

i would say its probably a better choice over a supertech or ecore design.

Edited by Black_Thunder (05/19/11 02:10 AM)
I'd buy Callahan autoparts if I could.

#2265449 - 05/19/11 07:31 AM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
bullwinkle Online   confused

Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 4840
Loc: Cincinnati, OH, USA
I've heard of them, but never bought one (due to the ability to get great deals on Puro Classics & Ones with rebates, codes, & oil change deals for around the same price)-but I've heard that they MAY be Chinese-made-where was the one you bought made?
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#2265701 - 05/19/11 01:21 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
Paulson Offline

Registered: 05/21/10
Posts: 348
Loc: Minnesota
Thought I posted in this thread but apparently I didn't (or it got deleted...)

The Driveworks filters I purchased are all made in China. What I gather is that they are Purolator specs made in China.

I'll post pics after I run one and take it apart... can see what the quality is like.
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#2266548 - 05/20/11 12:35 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
WMSmotorhead Offline

Registered: 05/15/11
Posts: 876
Loc: Cleveland OH USA
From what I've seen, they are an OK filter. but I'll stick to my Hastings for now.. It will be cool to see cutaways. I did get a DW Air filter for a truck since they were out of Purolator ones. It seems Par for an air filter. I checked carefully for leaks and weak spots... it checked out OK.

#2267196 - 05/21/11 07:41 AM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
MaxZX Offline

Registered: 04/07/10
Posts: 56
Loc: VA
I pulled a Driveworks out of the box at AAP, looked to me to have the black plastic inner cage... ecore. Could be wrong, but sure looked like it, I'll have another look next time in the store. I'm going out on a limb and guessing the Driveworks are the same as Supertech.

#2268583 - 05/23/11 02:42 AM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
Black_Thunder Offline

Registered: 09/23/06
Posts: 900
Loc: Wisconsin
believe me i looked at the inside before i bought it

the endcap and holes look similar to a purolator and inside cage was metal.
I'd buy Callahan autoparts if I could.

#2268683 - 05/23/11 08:39 AM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
Bottom_Feeder Offline

Registered: 12/07/08
Posts: 1709
Loc: Occupied Virginia
I looked at one for my Subaru last week and promptly put it back on the shelf. It looked like a cheap Chinese-made Purolator copy, much like the Korean-made Pronto I have and probably won't use. It definitely was not an ecore.

#2269218 - 05/23/11 08:50 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Bottom_Feeder]
WMSmotorhead Offline

Registered: 05/15/11
Posts: 876
Loc: Cleveland OH USA
The one I saw looked like the CarPartsPlus filter Made In Korea. An OK filter... nothing fabulous. An OK deal at 3$. I would love to see it hacked open though.

#2272556 - 05/27/11 04:26 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: WMSmotorhead]
MaxZX Offline

Registered: 04/07/10
Posts: 56
Loc: VA
I stand corrected, I suppose. Would have sworn the guts I saw through the hole were balck plastic rectangular holes. Just got back from AAP and the DW filters that I looked at were all definitely metal tubes inside. Perforated looking holes, but still metal. And it's a heavy filter. The DW-4612 I was holding felt a bit heavier than the Purolator L14610 (which is about 3/4" longer). Couldn't find a DW-4610, which is what I want.

#2273238 - 05/28/11 01:51 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: MaxZX]
sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 9255
Loc: The Old North State
As there is an AAP HavolineDS/DW oil/filter combo promo this month, thought I'd check them out. Looked at several different sizes 14610/612 14459 and 10241 applications. They use the last 4 digits,(3 dig. if first is 0) of the Puro numbering system. Could be wrong but, don't think there is any relation to Puro though.

Made in China, have a cellophane shrink wrap over the base making it difficult with store light glare to confirm small centertube details. That said, none of the three examined was ecore design. All definitely had metal centertube, and looked to have stamped slits similar to the new Champ/ST design. It looked like a decently made filter with a heavy base, nitrile adbv and dome end bypass.

One thing I didn't care for is they have combined the longer 14610 filter into the shorter 14612 (4612) length. Seems many are doing that now. Other than that, might not be too bad in a combined oil/filter promo. However, I'm thinking if purchased separate, one might be able to get the Purolator made ProMotive for less in back with the commercial accounts. The ProMotive too, has combined some applications using the smaller filter (14610 to 612).

#2273678 - 05/29/11 06:07 AM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Black_Thunder]
Char Baby Offline

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 8564
Loc: Rochester NY
I'm wondering if different application numbers are made by different manufactures around the globe?

How much are the DriveWorks Filters as compared to PuroClassic?

Is there anything to gain from buying a DW filter by itself instead of with an oil/filter special?

Now until sometime in Oct-Nov, Puro has a rebate on oil filters which could be the difference in price if just buying off the shelf w/o oil special. Doesn't make sence to me because the oil and filter specials seem to be the only deals out there today. Unless we as customers just happen to walk into a deal such as a closeout or discontinued qts on the cheap. And then, these seem to be on a case by case basis!

Edited by Char Baby (05/29/11 06:17 AM)
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#2327416 - 07/25/11 04:03 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: Char Baby]
kemo Offline

Registered: 03/14/11
Posts: 356
Loc: MN, USA
DriveWorks DW-1A

My findings, very sturdy "can", thicker than most ctypical filters here in the USA. Great quality filter!
"I change my oil every 3,000 miles, or whenever I get bored... whichever comes first." - Hank Hill

#2327542 - 07/25/11 05:32 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: kemo]
cp3 Offline

Registered: 07/26/06
Posts: 2645
Loc: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Thanx for the pics!

Not sure which I enjoy more, oil porn or filter porn..... grin
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#2327596 - 07/25/11 06:12 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: cp3]
sm00thpapa Offline

Registered: 07/09/11
Posts: 877
Loc: Spring Hill, FL
Originally Posted By: cp3
Thanx for the pics!

Not sure which I enjoy more, oil porn or filter porn..... grin

Same here and looks to be a good filter at that.
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#2327658 - 07/25/11 06:53 PM Re: Driveworks Oil filters [Re: kemo]
sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 9255
Loc: The Old North State
Thanks for giving one up for the board. Looks very decent, the detent coil spring surprises me.

Based on the pics, guess my only compliant about the DW filters, as mentioned above, is the combining of some application, using the smaller of the applications, eg., 14610 downsized to the 14612. Never had an issue with can thickness on any filter so no biggie to me.

Doesn't look like Chinese junk. shrug

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