I will be storing my E36 in a local storage facility this winter (10'x20'). It is not climate controlled and does not have power, so I am planning on removing the battery. I will be storing it with work some work items so I will be visiting the storage place on a nearly weekly basis. I have a few questions as I haven't stored this car during the winter for a while.

1. I'd like to store it on the "summer set" of wheels/tires. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports that are a couple years old - any concern with the car sitting on these for a long period of time during freezing temperatures? I do have a mostly-worn set of snows that I can put on for storage if necessary.

2. Any concern with the car being unplugged from the battery for so long? I used to store the car in a heated, powered, place so the vehicle was always connected to a charger. I am planning on having the battery at home connected to this battery tender.

3. I am planning on changing the oil right before, or right after storage - anything better than the other? Either way I will make sure the car is sufficiently warmed up before storage. Current fill has about 5k mostly highway miles on M1 0w-40

4. Fuel - I've always used premium in this. I assume it's better to have as little fuel as possible? Sta-Bil make sense for storage just during the winter?

5. Any other recommendations? I already have a smaller storage place here and as far as I can tell they seem up on the pest control.
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