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It seems that this is part of a broader trend in filters. I just recently checked at the local auto parts store and discovered that the trusty WIX 51356, which for years had been the default choice for my Accord, was no longer Made in the USA but was now made in Mexico. (Naturally, the price had not been reduced - but I wouldn't have been happy, even if it had.)

I'm not impressed. It looks to me as though I'm going to have to find a new filter-of-choice.

Wix made in Mexico? Yikes! When I was last at Napa I was told that there canister style filters where made in the USA (North Carolina) and that the cartridge style filters were made in Poland and South Korea.

I never knew there was a Fram Factory in Stratford. I'm not a fan of Fram Filters but I do feel bad for all those employees.