Accord AC Issue

Posted By: maverickfhs

Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 03:54 PM

On recently acquired 07 Accord, AC is throwing warm air, it gets slightly cold but then again it's warm.

Could it be that system needs a charge? Or can be something else? Appreciate any advice and help. thumbsup
Posted By: JeffKeryk

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 04:01 PM

Do a charge and see what happens. It worked for out low mileage 1998 Accord LX.
Posted By: JMJNet

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 04:02 PM

You have to measure the refrigerant pressure.
There is a tool called pressure gauge specifically made for checking AC system.

There is no way to determine from your information given to us, all we know is that the AC is not working.

If you ask here, I suspect, you don't have the tool.
So you need to buy it or bring it to someone who has the tool and knowledge to use it.
That someone can be a mechanic shop or a friend.

So, if there is no pressure, why?
Is there leaks, or the compressor gave up or the clutch in the compressor give up, etc.
For leaks, we need to investigate where.
You can use sniffer or put dye on the refrigerant then use a special uv light to see it.
Posted By: maverickfhs

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 04:06 PM

I think some of the auto stores have a loaner for AC gauges and I can get those to test the system, have seen some youtube videos on it.

Yes, I do not have the tools(gauges) .
Posted By: mattwithcats

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 04:13 PM

On systems at least ten years oil, that are getting cool, but slowly, try adding a oil charge.

This is 1 ounce Pag oil, 1 ounce R134a, and 1 ounce “Performance Enhancer”...

Only do this once in the life of the system, or you will drown it!

Posted By: Chris142

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 05:09 PM

Could be low. If it is it has a leak. Could be a bad expansion valve,bad pressure switch etc. What are the high and low side readings along with the ambient temp?
Posted By: vw7674

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 06:58 PM

A/C do lose refrigerant through compressor shaft seal over time, most top-off starter kits come with a handy gauge to tell you when to
charge the system while the engine is on powering the compressor. It's a 1-2-3 kind of procedure. Re-charged a warm air
blowing ancient Infiniti last summer & it's still blowing cold air today. You do need to know how many ounces are needed to
get to full capacity. (the Infiniti was 16.+.) sometimes you need to buy the kit with gauge plus an extra bottle to fully charge the system.
Posted By: madRiver

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 07:01 PM

A simple issue common is bad ac relay. I believe it’s around $10 for a new one.
Posted By: maverickfhs

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 07:24 PM

Originally Posted by madRiver
A simple issue common is bad ac relay. I believe it’s around $10 for a new one.

Any idea what are the symptoms of it?
Posted By: mattwithcats

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/18/19 08:08 PM

Usual source of leaks are the Schrader valves...

These can be replaced without opening the system,
but specialized tools are needed..
Posted By: wag123

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/19/19 12:44 PM

Honda had a problem with A/C compressor clutches during that era. They have a warranty extension for this problem on some models. There are several Youtubes from people showing how to diagnose and repair the problem on the cheap.
Posted By: mk378

Re: Accord AC Issue - 04/19/19 12:55 PM

Check if the compressor is staying engaged. If the compressor doesn't engage it could be the relay or other electrical problem. If the compressor is turning but it doesn't cool, then you need to get pressure readings.

Also the condenser fans should run continuously or most of the time (depending on system design) when the car is sitting still with the A/C on.
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