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#4729472 - 04/16/18 11:43 PM Why isnt 10w30 dexos?
Dylan1303 Offline

Registered: 10/14/15
Posts: 126
Loc: Washington
So my cruze is tuned on 18-20 psi of boost. Stock is around 12 psi. Im currently using penn euro 0w40. I was thinking on next oci to switch to pp 5w30 or pp 10w30. Im just wondering why the pp 10w30 doesnt meet Dexos1g2 or any dexos. Does it have the same specs to meet like timming chain wear as 5w30 does? Im jw if i could use 10w30 for the lower noack but still have great protection. Someone also said that the 0w40 in my cruze will cause a little more turbo lag. They said because i have a variable volume oil pump it will make a bigger load on the engine to pump the thicker oil. I can see where hes comming from but i cant image that the butt dyno could feel that.
12 chevy cruze 1.4t 6spd penz euro 0w40
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#4729476 - 04/17/18 12:08 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
SR5 Offline

Registered: 07/07/15
Posts: 4292
Loc: Down Under
10W30 is not a Dexos oil viscosity grade, I assume it's just to minimise cold weather confusion as 5W30 works everywhere.

It is a fine viscosity grade for people in warm climates, and I would have no concern with M1 or PP or Edge 10W30 meeting all the quality requirements of Dexos1, but it's just not the accepted Dexos viscosity grade.
Penrite Vantage 10W40 SN & A3/B4 + Wesfil-Cooper Z154

#4729480 - 04/17/18 12:15 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
umungus1122 Offline

Registered: 02/12/08
Posts: 1010
Loc: PA
Yes, GM doesn't spec 10w for anything anymore, so there's no reason to have it tested. No doubt it will work just fine.
'95 Chevy 1/2t 305 205k -DuraBlend 5w-20, Puro Gold filter
'89 Jeep Comanche 4.0 278k - GC 0w-30, Bosch LongLife filter

#4729496 - 04/17/18 01:32 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
Garak Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 24074
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
The dexos1 spec also has MRV and CCS requirements, as Shannow discovered, and a 10w-30 would not be able to pass them.
Plain, simple Garak.

2008 Infiniti G37 - Shell ROTELLA T6 Multi-Vehicle 5w-30, NAPA Gold 7356
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#4729593 - 04/17/18 07:06 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
Virtus_Probi Offline

Registered: 06/25/15
Posts: 3825
Loc: New England
As far as I can tell, this engine is not direct injected, so you don't have LSPI to worry about (a big reason to go with dexos1 Gen 2 in my opinion).
I'd say that any thoughts about the timing chain wear performance of a 10W30 vs. a dexos1 Gen 2 5W30 would just be speculation, but I can't imagine that PP 10W30 would be a real loser in that department.
Have you seen a NOACK loss result for PP 10W30? I might have missed that as I don't look to hard at 10WXX oils.
When I ran a high HTHS 5W30 (3.58 compared to 3-3.1 in my previous oils), it didn't feel sluggish in my turbo but the oil definitely ran a little bit hotter...made sense because the losses are higher in the thicker oil. I doubt that you will notice much difference in power by dropping to a 30, but I guess there have been a few complaints on here about an XW40 not feeling right in some engines.
2014 Forester XT, 80500 miles
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#4729603 - 04/17/18 07:17 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
JohnnyJohnson Offline

Registered: 10/22/09
Posts: 2412
Loc: Wet side WA
I frankly don't care if 10w-30 is D1G2. Yes I think D1G2 is good oil but non Dexos can be had at a good price. Example this week I picked up three jugs of Havoline 10W-30 $13 a Jug shipped. That's my Toyota's summer oil. My car ran on 10W-30 conventional for about seven years of its life before I switched to full synthetic 5W-30. In a 5000 mile the typical OCI it consistently uses under a quarter quart in that mileage. I'm sticking with what got it this far this long. Best oil I can buy for under $20 a jug. I do use the higher efficiency filters. But two OIC's a year is the general rule and both of them together cost me under $60.
2004 Toyota Corolla 119818
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In: Valvoline ML 5w-30 TG4967 117530 2-8-18
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#4729614 - 04/17/18 07:28 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
Snagglefoot Offline

Registered: 12/31/17
Posts: 1339
Loc: Alberta
Iím thinking GM went through a bad experience with the AFM lifter failures prior to 2014. Part of the problem may have been the cold startups with oils thicker than 5w30. The redesign involved different lifters, higher oil pressure, a larger oil filter with a higher by-pass pressure, and thinner oil.

#4729679 - 04/17/18 08:38 AM Re: Why isnt 10w30 dexos? [Re: Dylan1303]
ARCOgraphite Offline

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 11853
Loc: N.H, U.S.A.
I'm running QSUD 10w30 non dexos and its BETTER than any dexos oil ive run.

I HIGHLY recommend it in your turbo application.

Its got my rogue 2.5 making all of its 170+ HP.

More than my Mustang 5.0 V8 in the 80's.
2014 Nissan Rogue S CVT, OC#9 41392mi-QSUD10W30 + M110A CHAMP Filter; 2017 Subaru Crosstrek CVT OC#2 ?? mi-SOA/Idemitsu 0w20 + SOA Filter