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#4618576 - 12/30/17 08:36 AM Aluminum Casting in MD, PA or VA
ET16 Offline

Registered: 10/28/08
Posts: 1270
Loc: MD
Anyone do any aluminum casting? I want to cast from some styrofoam positives that I have. I did something similar many years ago, but have never worked with a foundry.

#4618686 - 12/30/17 10:33 AM Re: Aluminum Casting in MD, PA or VA [Re: ET16]
Linctex Offline

Registered: 12/31/16
Posts: 6148
Loc: Waco, TX
Try a craigslist ad... these guys are everywhere!

Alternatively, you an build a "Fair to middling" foundry to melt aluminum with just junk parts in a few hours. You don't even need a real crucible because of the low melting temps.
"The evidence demands a verdict".
(Re:VOA)"it's nearly impossible to actually know the particular additives that are in there at what concentrations."

#4618821 - 12/30/17 01:01 PM Re: Aluminum Casting in MD, PA or VA [Re: ET16]
Kestas Offline

Registered: 06/04/02
Posts: 12330
Loc: The Motor City
Try contacting your local chapter of the American Foundryman Society. The chapter's secretary may be able to direct you.

#4619001 - 12/30/17 04:35 PM Re: Aluminum Casting in MD, PA or VA [Re: ET16]
Shannow Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 39864
Loc: 'Stralia
I've doe a little bit in my back yard, nothing much other than melting cans and making ingots...

Seriously small...a big paint can that I lined with vermiculite/fly ash and sodium silicate (from head gasket sealer if you don't make it yourself), a peach can (crucible), and some coal that was lying around (charcoal better), and an old vacuum cleaner that had a "blow" function.

Third run I got the sparkly thermite reaction going on the rusty edges of the can...should have changed cans at round two.

#4619190 - 12/30/17 08:39 PM Re: Aluminum Casting in MD, PA or VA [Re: ET16]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 41784
Loc: New Jersey
Aluminum melts around 660C as I recall. Not terribly hot in the big scheme of things.