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#4569520 - 11/10/17 07:04 AM Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5?
TWG1572 Offline

Registered: 12/18/07
Posts: 552
Loc: Madison, Wisconsin
Long story short - I pulled my back lifting my son's hockey bag and was pretty crippled up, so I decided to hit the "easy" button and have the Nissan dealership here do my coolant, ATF, and transfer case fluid change. That was 30K ago. Said dealership has since sold.

Yesterday I noticed my coolant is low, and I really couldn't make out the color in my dark garage so I checked out the receipt. They put in Motocraft VC-5DIL antifreeze, likely because they are also a Ford shop and that's what they have on hand. I've tried to quickly brush up on antifreezes, but I'm struggling with the terminology. From what I understand is that I need a low silicate OAT formula. Does the VC-5 meet these specs? There isn't a lot online about it I can find. There's nothing I can do about it now, more curiosity than anything about whether they put the right stuff in there.

My plan for this weekend is to flush and refill. I think I need Pentafrost A3 or PEAK Asian Blue (I'd prefer the long life version), but could someone confirm for sure?

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#4569554 - 11/10/17 07:42 AM Re: Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5? [Re: TWG1572]
Sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 11964
Loc: The Old North State
"Right stuff"? The MC AF they used looks to be MC Original Green IAT AF, uses silicates. Likely won't hurt anything but not the best choice. Nissan uses a NO silicate AF, referred to as a PHOAT.

Seeing as you're looking at the "blue tint" must be a newer Nissan. Pentofrost A3 will work. As will the Peak Asian Blue. I've never seen the latter until your post and checked online at Peak/Old World. I'm thinking this a new line for them, and good to see they offer it in a concentrate. Have to watch to see if it shows up in stores.

Another option if you have a PepBoys nearby and they stock it is PB OEM brand Concentrate, have blue tint available. If they have it, being a concentrate perfect for complete system flush, top with distilled. You can check availability by store online. The others mentioned are premixed AF, makes doing a complete flush more difficult.

Personally with the original green in it now, I'd want to do a complete system flush then use one of AFs mentioned.

#4569695 - 11/10/17 09:52 AM Re: Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5? [Re: TWG1572]
TWG1572 Offline

Registered: 12/18/07
Posts: 552
Loc: Madison, Wisconsin
Thank you. That helps. I'd suspected what's in it was the older style green, but really couldn't find anything online that confirmed it one way or the other.

It's an '08, which came with the green but I'd read you could utilize blue as well. Maybe I should just play it safe and go with the Pentofrost A2 instead. No Pep Boys nearby, unfortunately.

#4569730 - 11/10/17 10:27 AM Re: Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5? [Re: TWG1572]
Sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 11964
Loc: The Old North State
The blue tint A3 will work fine. I'm not sure that in Pentofrost the A2 is the longer life Asian AF. Older Nissan AF had shorter service interval.

#4569828 - 11/10/17 11:37 AM Re: Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5? [Re: TWG1572]
bullwinkle Offline

Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 7330
Loc: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Valvoline Asian Vehicle would also be a good choice in a P-HOAT antifreeze, if you can't get the Pentosin for a good price.
06 Ram 3500 CTD 4X4(FG Venturi), 93 GMC C3500 6.2, 89 F-450 7.3, 98 XJ 4.0(XG8A), 05 xB(XG3600), 15 Transit 3.7, 03 Merc Grand Marquis 4.6 2V(XG2)

#4570514 - 11/11/17 05:45 AM Re: Nissan Compatable Coolant - Motocraft VC-5? [Re: TWG1572]
Sayjac Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 11964
Loc: The Old North State
If you don't mind the red-ish tint of the WM VAV premix, preferably with a complete flush, that will certainly work. As will ZAF which is the same as VAV but is also available in a blue tint.

This thread piqued my interest about the "Peak Asian Blue" or as they call it OET (Original Equipment Technology) Asian Vehicle. So shot Peak/Old World an email about it asking if it's in stores yet and if so where. They've been good in the past about responding, I'll update if they do.

Linked and scroll is the new OET line, three tints combining red/pink for Toyota Lexus, all Long Life service. They now have a few Euro OETs too. All show also come in premix or Concentrate.

Peak AntiFreeze Products.