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#4454915 - 07/10/17 04:58 AM 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch?
tony1679 Offline

Registered: 06/08/14
Posts: 617
Loc: Central Oklahoma
Perhaps this is the stupid question of the day...

I was fumbling around part sites and discovered that there are aftermarket and even Motorcraft fan clutch replacements for my '03 MGM. However my car has an electric fan and NO clutch fan. So I have to ask, is it possible to add the clutch fan and use both?!? I've been looking at cheap ways to keep it cooler under the hood (mainly for the transmission's sake) and all the sites label these parts as an "exact fit" for my car (and list "severe duty" under the specs). Was it a one-or-the-other option? I'd be very interested if I can use both. But I'm also curious about benefits and disadvantages as well. I know it would drop mpgs/horsepower a little, but if it stays cooler it would be worth it in the summer, and I could remove it for the rest of the year. I know a trans cooler is the answer, but it's not my definition of cheap. I've just never heard of an 03 with a clutch fan. Also, if I can use both, where can I buy the fan blade for the clutch?

Am I missing something? shrug Thanks in advance!
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#4454957 - 07/10/17 06:43 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
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Loc: Dallas,Tx USA
Is your Marquis like my 300ZX,which has an old school mechanical fan with a fan clutch for the main cooling and a secondary electric fan that comes on with the A/C?
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#4454976 - 07/10/17 07:05 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
Trav Offline

Registered: 11/20/06
Posts: 18900
Loc: MA,
PM member bdcardinal with your VIN, he will be able to tell you.
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#4454981 - 07/10/17 07:09 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
Miller88 Offline

Registered: 04/09/08
Posts: 12704
Loc: Onondaga County
I don't see why you couldn't put an actual fan clutch on that car unless they changed the radiator support in '03. As long as the water pump supports the hub and clutch, you should be good. You might end up having to get a new water pump and shroud for it.

They might set a check engine light if you are missing the electric fan. But if I were to add the mechanical fan, I'd ditch the electric completely.

I imagine it's the same for the 1/2 ton chevy trucks with electric fans. Even the 3.8L wranglers have a fan clutch kit for them!
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#4454999 - 07/10/17 07:37 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: Miller88]
Trav Offline

Registered: 11/20/06
Posts: 18900
Loc: MA,
Ford parts catalog list electric and/or mechanical clutch so they apparently did use one on some vehicles like may be Police, I have no idea that's why I defer to a parts pro.
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#4455144 - 07/10/17 10:26 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
Rhymingmechanic Online   content

Registered: 08/13/04
Posts: 1327
Loc: VA
I think the simplest and probably cheapest solution to cooling the trans IS a trans cooler. A good quality plate-type cooler kit should be under $100.

Adding a fan would require the clutch, fan blade, and possibly a new hub or pump with threads for the fan clutch. Rock Auto lists both short and long water pumps, which makes me wonder if that's related to the fan type. Removing the electric fan altogether will also require a new shroud.

There are a few Panther/police interceptor enthusiasts on here. Hopefully some of them will see your thread.

#4455152 - 07/10/17 10:31 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: Rhymingmechanic]
Canadastang Offline

Registered: 12/08/15
Posts: 261
Loc: Ontario Canada
I have a 2003 Town Car, so I'll chime in.

To start, I don't think a mechanical fan would even fit without some rad hose modification or possibly some hood modification (yikes). With that said, you'd have to change your water pump to an older style pump with a threaded hub, and then you'd still have the issue of no plastic fan shroud protecting your pinkies when you open the hood (minor issue I suppose). You'd probably also have to remove the crash bracket on the pass side front of the engine (bad idea).

It'll cause a slight loss in HP and fuel economy due to the added drag on the engine, and it probably won't even move air as well as the electric fan on high.

So I have to ask, why?

My theory on the 03 having a listing for a mechanical fan is probably just an error or overlap. 2003+ panther cars had significant changes versus 92-02 models. All 03+ panthers had rack and pinion steering, but plenty of parts catalogs list steering gears, idler arms, pitman arms, etc., even though those parts simply do not exist on 03+ cars.

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#4455790 - 07/10/17 11:01 PM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
bdcardinal Online   content

Registered: 06/03/05
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Loc: Santa Barbara, CA
I have not seen a Panther chassis car with a fan clutch for that year range. Now maybe the ones that were meant to be modified into livery or limos might have had one. The limos have F150 rear drums.

The electric fans are fine. There was an issue with a few years and you had to replace the fan with the relay/module.
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#4455837 - 07/11/17 01:31 AM Re: 2003 Marquis - Fan clutch? [Re: tony1679]
Falcon_LS Offline

Registered: 10/03/08
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Loc: Kuwait
Fan clutches went the way of the Dodo bird on this platform in 1998, with the introduction of Fail Safe Cooling and a two-speed electric fan using a Bosch controller. This uses a cylinder head temperature sensor mounted on the driver's side. 1995 - 1997 models had a clutched fan/electric fan combo controlled by the PCM based on engine temperature and whether or not the air conditioning was on. The electric fan does not pull enough air to cool the radiator, it is an auxilary unit.

For 2003 and newer vehicles, the fan is a variable speed unit that utilizes a PWM module on fan shroud, controlled by PCM. You cannot install a clutched fan on your vehicle without a number of modifications. For starters, the electric fan shroud, which the coolant overflow and power steering reservoir is mounted on, sits too close to the engine. You cannot physically fit a clutched fan in there.

In '06, electric fan was revised and had different blades - they were shallower and less curved with a smaller motor. This was much less efficent, and there were overheating issues that were addressed in a TSB - replace the fan with a newly revised version. The engine coolant temperature sensor was also eliminated, in favor of a single cylinder head temperature sensor to maintain coolant temperature.
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