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#1077761 - 02/02/08 05:21 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: paulo57509]
moribundman Offline

Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 23591
 Originally Posted By: paulo57509
Funny, I like going to Wal-Mart but lately, I find that once I'm there my mood turns nasty. I just don't know what it is.

Sounds like it might be an allergic reaction.

#1077873 - 02/02/08 08:59 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: The Critic]
Richie Offline

Registered: 06/10/04
Posts: 48
Loc: Valencia, CA
I prefer PIAA wipers. Have had the ones on my car for 2 1/2 years and they still work like new.

#1077932 - 02/02/08 10:54 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: deven]
JHZR2 Offline

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 40537
Loc: New Jersey
I bought the PIAA super silicones on the PIAA frames for my BMW. They are GREAT. And, since they are long-lived and refillable, there is a better economy of use compared to some of the other "advanced" blades and geometries. Plus they fit better than te icons I tried, as my windshield is a bit curved by design.

SUPER happy with the PIAA super silicones. So much so that I bought a set of refills for my saab and my truck as well. Ill be installing them tomorrow in fact.

My wife has some of the original michelin blades, the ones that look like standard wipers, and have a silicone squeege of some sort. They have been really good too, with a nice, consistent and clean wipe. If theyre refillable, theyll get PIAA squeeges, if not, we'll be getting PIAA blades for her car.

Go for the PIAAs.


#1077937 - 02/02/08 11:01 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: JHZR2]
The Critic Offline

Registered: 08/30/04
Posts: 19276
Loc: Walnut Creek, CA
I just tested the three (?) year old Trico Exact Fit blades in heavy rain. Just a little chatter and smear. Blades still work OK.

I think I'm going to leave them alone for now.
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#1078635 - 02/04/08 02:44 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: The Critic]
jc1990 Offline

Registered: 07/22/02
Posts: 257
Loc: palmer mass
ARE THE DURALAST BLADES from autozone decent purchased for my 98 grand am seem to chatter alot

#1078641 - 02/04/08 03:31 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: Oilgal]
Carmudgeon Offline

Registered: 04/26/05
Posts: 409
Loc: Under the hood
 Originally Posted By: Oilgal
 Originally Posted By: Carmudgeon
I've gone through many sets of Bosch wipers and refills, and have never had them last more than one season (if that) before they begin to streak and smear.

Switched to Trico refills last year, and am still using the same set this wet season.

So far my Trico wipers, that are like the Bosch Icons I got rid of, are still as good as new. Are yours still holding up this season Carmudgeon?

I'm not using the beam blades, only the Trico refills on a conventional OE frame, and they're still doing well, even with plenty of use this season. Trico's rubber formulation is definitely more durable than Bosch's.

#1078649 - 02/04/08 04:22 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: The Critic]
jnyost Offline

Registered: 01/17/08
Posts: 50
Loc: Ohio
The best wipers I've ever had came on my bmw. I believe they are made by Bosch. The refills are also about 12 dollars each though so not cheap. They last forever, clean a windshield like no other, and never chattered. Go to your local BMW dealer to buy. They are trimmed to size by you. If they off you 3 dollar refills they are offering you the cheap replacements.

2002 Ford Excursion Powerstroke

2000 BMW 540i

#1078657 - 02/04/08 04:50 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: The Critic]
jduramax Offline

Registered: 01/24/08
Posts: 32
Loc: eastern canada
 Originally Posted By: The Critic
Now that it's rainy season, and I haven't replaced my wiper blades in over five years, what should I buy? I'm also picking up a car for a friend this weekend, and I'm going to see if I can get them to replace the blades on that car as well(as well as the cabin air filter and engine air filter), so I need your opinions.

Does anyone have experience with any of the following blades: BOSCH ICON, ANCO Contour Premium, Bosch MicroEdge, Trico Exact Fit.

Which one lasts the longest? Remember, there's no snow in my area. Price really isn't a concern, but I must be able to purchase the blade locally.

michlin has come out with a wiper blade(or has at least put their name on it) that works real well. put them on my truck and my wife's altima. don't freeze up........
2002 dmax. MBRP Cool Duals exhaust/Superchips pogrammer.

#1078983 - 02/04/08 03:07 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: jduramax]
harry j Offline

Registered: 12/16/05
Posts: 1524
Loc: Wilmington, NC
I change the PIAA wiper blades every two years, not because they are not still excellent, but because the metal work fades and becomes somewhat of an eye sore.


#1079484 - 02/05/08 06:49 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: harry j]
ludey Offline

Registered: 01/07/08
Posts: 131
Loc: California, USA
Have tried the anco-more or less the same as tricos. The bosch last about a year or two years most. I have just installed the cheapos from walmart also only, for a week though. The valeos from sam's club are okay. It has a wear indicator when, to change the blades(transparent dot that turns yellow when, u need changing). Haven't tried any silicone wipers. I know they are probably reformulated from several years ago. I heard too many stories of the silicone wipers leaving a smear or distorted film. I said before. They may have improved but, don't want to take the chance. The ones I like the most are those double or dual or double wipers. You can't better visibility during a fierce rainstorm. The problem is that the adapters that onto the windshield arm seem to be flimsy and break off easy. I have heard also that they wear the wiper motor faster due, to additional weight but, they are pretty light already because of the plastic frames. That's my 0.02

Edited by ludey (02/05/08 06:51 AM)

#1079639 - 02/05/08 10:57 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: ludey]
Cutehumor Offline

Registered: 12/10/02
Posts: 9364
Loc: USA
I just dumped some sorry anco wiper blades that were at least two years old that were chattering for some valucraft wiper blades for $3.99 each. no report as of yet.
09 Chevy Cobalt 2.4L 88k miles Peak 5w30
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#1079990 - 02/05/08 07:29 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: Cutehumor]
tunabreath Offline

Registered: 08/28/07
Posts: 31
Loc: Yorkville, OH
I have Pylon (wal-mart $2.87 a piece) on my beater car and they chatter, but make no noiser (just skip across the windshield but wipe perfect.

I hate Trico Exact fits. The Teflons are excellent.

Any wiper blade will last as long as you clean it regularly with some rubbing alcohol.

#1080539 - 02/06/08 01:51 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: tunabreath]
opus1 Offline

Registered: 12/13/04
Posts: 2392
Loc: Chicago Area
I bought some Peak Max-Vision Blades at Menard's last fall, finally put them on the Malibu. For wet weather they're OK, but for the snow/sleet/slush we're getting in Chicago now they're terrible. The ice builds up all over the blade, both on the element and on the joints and the wiper starts leaving unwiped spots on the windshield. I know they're not "winter" blades, but the OEM frame isn't either and I never had a problem with them icing up.

At the same time I replaced the blades on the Dakota with Trico's Innovision blades. Better results than the Max-Vision, but I got to drive home in the blizzard on Sunday and these blades managed to get iced-up and left an unwiped spot on the window too -- and on the driver's side too. Eventually it was able to dislodge the ice and no problems the rest of the way home.

So in a nutshell, Max-Vision I give a C-, Innovision I give a B-.
I'm going to have to get something better for the Malibu and swap the Max-Visions out until winter is over.

Edited by opus1 (02/06/08 01:52 PM)
Edit Reason: Forgot the exact name of the Peak Blades.....
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#1082401 - 02/09/08 09:21 AM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: jnyost]
artificialist Offline

Registered: 09/23/07
Posts: 8440
Loc: Florida
Many German cars have a Valeo product, and Valeo wiper are very good, I speak from experience.

Many Motorcraft and ACdelco wipers are really re-named Valeo products.
2010 Lancer Ralliart Sportback

#1102581 - 03/09/08 09:42 PM Re: Wiper Blades [Re: The Critic]
02FocusZX5 Offline

Registered: 04/16/07
Posts: 79
Loc: Nashville
i've tried trico innovation and rain-x latitude blades but neither did very well. the trico worked better. i drive a focus and the windshield design makes it hard for aftermarket blades to work well. i'm going to go to the ford dealership and get the original blades. original blades should work best for most cars but it's interesting to try different ones.

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