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#4678026 - 02/25/18 07:05 PM Do you drink milk regularly?
Reddy45 Offline

Registered: 08/15/08
Posts: 2965
Loc: USA
Question per thread title. Do you drink it regularly? If so are your calcium levels good as far as you know?

I found out I may be osteoporosis prone. My diet is pretty varied so I never felt the need to consume milk but I guess I need to consider it. (I have no issues eating cheese or ice cream)

How about supplements? Anyone taking Citracal or OsCal?

#4678030 - 02/25/18 07:09 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
car51 Offline

Registered: 03/12/15
Posts: 10252
Loc: Southwest PA
I used to drink it all the time growing up on a farm. Now I drink soy milk and cashew milk a few times a week. Maybe yogurt would help.

My potassium level was a tad low so I started eating 2 apples and more greens a few times a day. My 2cents
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#4678038 - 02/25/18 07:12 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
supton Offline

Registered: 11/09/08
Posts: 11924
Loc: NH
Nope. Growing up I had three brothers, and we could demolish a gallon of milk just for breakfast. Thus the parents limited us. I rarely eat breakfast cereal these days, thus milk isn't something I have that often. AFAIK I still don't have any lactose problems.

Now, I did recently realize that bad teeth run in the family; the complaint is soft enamel. How true it is I'm not sure, but I decided to add in yogurt on a regular basis, for both teeth and bone health. I get non-sweetened Greek style, and add some granola. No idea if it is doing what I want to do, won't know for a few decades I guess.
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#4678047 - 02/25/18 07:18 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
ZZman Offline

Registered: 03/17/08
Posts: 5775
Loc: Michigan
Yep, go thru a gallon every 2-3 days
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#4678050 - 02/25/18 07:19 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
DutchBrad Offline

Registered: 04/24/11
Posts: 303
Loc: Holland, MI USA
I drink whole milk - one gallon a week. Should drink more, but I am fat enough. LOL

I like milk you can chew!!
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#4678058 - 02/25/18 07:24 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
Ducked Offline

Registered: 10/25/12
Posts: 4334
Loc: Taiwan
Nope. Horrible stuff, and about as easy to contain as plutonium, with a smell that has similar half life if it gets out

They squezze it from cows you know? Eeuw!

#4678064 - 02/25/18 07:31 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
CKN Offline

Registered: 10/14/14
Posts: 3688
Loc: Utah
Once you are an adult drinking milk has little benefits.

A hundred thousand men and women were followed for up to 20 years. Researchers found that milk-drinking women had higher rates of death, more heart disease, and significantly more cancer for each glass of milk. Three glasses a day was associated with nearly twice the risk of premature death, and they had significantly more bone and hip fractures. More milk, more fractures.

Men in a separate study also had a higher rate of death with higher milk consumption, but at least they didnít have higher fracture rates. So, the researchers found a dose dependent higher rate of both mortality and fracture in women, and a higher rate of mortality in men with milk intake, but

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#4678069 - 02/25/18 07:36 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
sasilverbullet Online   content

Registered: 08/22/04
Posts: 1421
Loc: San Antonio, Texas
Nope, not for the last 30 years (I do eat cheese). We make home-made almond milk.
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#4678080 - 02/25/18 07:43 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
Shannow Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 39848
Loc: 'Stralia
Nope, nothing in nature drinks milk after it's weaned, we don't need to either.

Marketting at it's best that we "need" to drink the stuff, and then "healthier" substitutes.

My family of 4 goes through maybe 1-2L a week.

#4678082 - 02/25/18 07:44 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
BAJA_05 Offline

Registered: 02/04/18
Posts: 339
Loc: Berks County/Pa.
I try to drink a 12 ounce glass of whole milk daily with a multi vitamin in the morning.

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#4678105 - 02/25/18 08:10 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
Dyusik Offline

Registered: 09/26/14
Posts: 1980
Loc: US-WA
The more I stayed away from milk products the better I felt. Now I will only consume blue cheese (very small quantities and infrequently) and whatever unintentional things happen (cheese in a sandwich, butter).

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#4678120 - 02/25/18 08:21 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
Rat407 Offline

Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 1428
Loc: North Carolina
Not here either. Almond milk if any and that is very little.

We humans are the only species that drink milk from another species after we get off our own mothers milk. Think about it. If we were intended to drink milk till we die then we would produce our own and not drink another's.
2002 Silverado 5.3 0w-20 AMSOIL

#4678122 - 02/25/18 08:22 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
JohnnyJohnson Offline

Registered: 10/22/09
Posts: 2734
Loc: Wet side WA
Yep I have whole milk on my cereal and I have real Heavy Cream in my coffee. I'm 74 next week and I'm going to keep using the stuff I enjoy in life. My Cholesterol is 105 total.

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#4678128 - 02/25/18 08:25 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
Pablo Offline

Registered: 10/28/02
Posts: 47275
Loc: Duvall WA - Pacific NW USA
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or unsweetened vanilla almond-coconut milk. Very tasty, 30-35 calories. Milk stinks.
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#4678129 - 02/25/18 08:26 PM Re: Do you drink milk regularly? [Re: Reddy45]
BHopkins Offline

Registered: 11/03/13
Posts: 1095
Loc: Utah
Oh, Yea! I just had a small glass with some homemade cookies while surfing here on the computer. There are some things I can't imagine eating without a glass of milk. My wife and I go through a gallon every 2-3 days.

I pity those who are lactose intolerant.
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