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#4598094 - 12/08/17 01:29 PM Removal of diesel emissions
Rat407 Offline

Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 1489
Loc: North Carolina
Read on here some of the talk of removing diesel exhaust emission and the legality of it.

It is my understand that it is illegal in all 50 states. The fact that one removes it doesn't mean it is legal but yet I read that others understand it to be "allowed". How is that so?

I know from 2007 and up diesel's have emissions installed and yet you see these vehicles "rolling coal".

Shouldn't this be enforced the same as emissions on gas engines?

To me, if you want to clean up the environment, stop producing [censored] fuel. This would seriously help with pollution if you as me. Just like E85. It burns way cleaner. My black sooty tailpipes are no longer black and sooty once I started running E85.

It is my understanding that our diesel is [censored] compared to Europe. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Just thinking out loud. smile
2002 Silverado 5.3 0w-20 AMSOIL

#4598108 - 12/08/17 01:47 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Garak Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 24688
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
If it's illegal but never enforced, that's how it's "allowed," really. Here, in this province, it's technically illegal as well, but there isn't even emissions testing on gasoline cars, so none of that ever gets caught.
Plain, simple Garak.

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#4598120 - 12/08/17 01:54 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Astro14 Offline

Registered: 10/10/10
Posts: 8596
Loc: Virginia Beach
Most states don't have emissions testing, so how would they be caught?

Our diesel fuel is far cleaner than that in Europe - far less sulfur allowed and we have more restrictive emissions on diesels.

Hence the plethora of diesel cars over there that cannot be sold here and the amount of restrictive equipment on diesel vehicles here that you're talking about.

Edited by Astro14 (12/08/17 01:56 PM)
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#4598121 - 12/08/17 01:56 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Garak]
jeepman3071 Offline

Registered: 04/15/10
Posts: 4290
Loc: Storrs, Connecticut
Originally Posted By: Garak
If it's illegal but never enforced, that's how it's "allowed," really.

Yup, many people delete the emissions on their diesel trucks because the laws are not enforced. I know as of a few years ago in CT, as long as the truck didn't blow smoke at idle it was legal. My friend had a heavily modified diesel pickup truck, with everything deleted, and he easily passed. As he drove out of the emissions place he pressed a button on his tuner and blew smoke down the whole road.

That means something is wrong with the emissions laws and the process involved with following them.
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#4598124 - 12/08/17 01:59 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
PiperOne Offline

Registered: 10/25/17
Posts: 190
Loc: A Highway Near You
The emission equipment is a federal requirement. Once the vehicle is sold it is really up to the states to decide if they want to enforce anything. Places like California do (the whole system has to be there and intact). Some states have a basic opacity standard to prevent coal rollers and others don't bother at all.

US diesel generally has a lower cetane rating than Euro diesel...but more cetane does not always equal a cleaner burn. Cetane is a measure of how easily diesel fuel ignites. Cetane for sure helps with start up emissions..but if the engine is designed to run on 40 cetane...running it on 50 cetane does not mean it will run any cleaner or better. Some of the owners Euro light duty diesels in cars will swear that if they don't run additives to boost cetane their cars run like [censored]. Bio diesel..which everyone seems to love to hate...increases cetane and lubricity quite nicely. In my high mileage units we have run with and without additives and see virtually no difference in mileage. Never enough to cover the additive cost. Older IDI diesels will generally benefit from increased old MB cars or GM and Ford pickups with the old 6.2/6.5 and 6.9 engines.
HDEO in Diesel Engines. No spark plugs here.

#4598141 - 12/08/17 02:18 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Chris142 Offline

Registered: 06/05/03
Posts: 16946
Loc: Deplorable in apple valley, ca
I hear it a lot. "But we dont have emissions tests"...its still illegal to remove emissions parts.
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#4598178 - 12/08/17 02:51 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
TinyVoices Offline

Registered: 09/12/16
Posts: 493
Loc: Vienna, VA
It's one of those illegal things that's not really enforced too heavily. Similar to how aftermarket exhausts are often illegal in many locations but people run them no problem because it's not enforced.
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#4598186 - 12/08/17 02:55 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Rat407 Offline

Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 1489
Loc: North Carolina
To me if a state wants to make some money then they should start enforcing emission laws on diesels. I know here in NC there is a place that gets brand new diesel trucks that the owner brings to them right from the dealership to have all the emissions removed. NC could rake in the $$ in fines.
2002 Silverado 5.3 0w-20 AMSOIL

#4598193 - 12/08/17 03:01 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20547
Loc: Upstate NY
I hope you are storing the parts you remove and jotting down how they all fit together. A state could always decide to enforce what is required to be there.

My 2015 has many sensors along the whole exhaust. If they detect something wrong the truck runs at a max of 20 MPH. So as the years go one, it gets tougher.
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#4598195 - 12/08/17 03:01 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
Linctex Offline

Registered: 12/31/16
Posts: 6186
Loc: Waco, TX
It's up to the officer.

I have heard of folks getting "smoke tickets"
"The evidence demands a verdict".
(Re:VOA)"it's nearly impossible to actually know the particular additives that are in there at what concentrations."

#4598346 - 12/08/17 05:33 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
BrianF Offline

Registered: 02/25/15
Posts: 583
Loc: Sask, Canada
Like garak said, up here in Saskathcewan it is illegal but not enforced. It maybe to some degree in commercial trucks but I doubt very much of that goes one. Our Premier stated at one point we will not be enforcing it.

The real issue I see and what keeps me from deleting is warranty. Dealers can be d1nky and deny engine, trans, powertrain warranty if the ECM has been messed with. Even if the dealer (some of them in these parts don't care much about deletes and will actually do them in their dealership) the parent company can request the ECM to be sent to them or come out to scan it themselves. Its a fine line that I am not ready to walk just yet.

A friend of mine who runs a 2013 F250 Powerstroke ran into emissions problems when on a family trip. N0x sensor was out of wack. 1300$ for the sensor at the nearest dealer plus labour oh and the wait time was more than he could afford. He knew a few locals that did his delete, straight pipe, tune and exhaust brake for just north of 2000$. He is more than happy. More power, less fuel consumption.
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#4598408 - 12/08/17 06:33 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
cronk Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 1293
Loc: Watertown, New York
It really drives me nuts how over the top the diesel emissions regulations have become over the past several years.
It's pretty bad when the cars sold to the tree huggers of Europe are now considered to "dirty" for the US.

In the mean while, the very efficient diesel engine technology is being tamped out.

So VW can't sell a car that gets almost 50mpg, because their NOx levels are higher than EPA standards, but cleaner less fuel efficient cars are ok?

I think there might need to be a trade of for saving fuel and resources vs slightly higher emissions.

I'm all for clean air, but realistically, diesel cars and pickups are such a small percentage of the motors on the road, you could ban them all tomorrow an there would be no real world change in the cleanliness of the air in most areas.
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#4598425 - 12/08/17 06:49 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
eljefino Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 32761
Loc: ME
Rolling coal isn't about saving money. It's about peacock-ing and blowing every last dollar from one's paycheck on "male jewelry". A sign the economy is doing just fine. What's stupid is how conforming to the same ideal everyone is. There's little mechanical intelligence in bolting on (off?) a few parts and flashing a tune and doesn't demonstrate any particular skillset.

#4598435 - 12/08/17 06:58 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
cronk Offline

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 1293
Loc: Watertown, New York
Agree with you there.
You see these guys in a lifted truck, rolling coal out of a smoke stack bigger than any 18 wheeler would need.
Usually with big tow mirrors folded all the way out with no trailer and nothing even in the bed.
Overcompensation much?
1998 GMC C1500
2003 Chevy Cavalier
2011 Nissan Quest
1986 Pontiac Trans Am
1940 Ford 9N Tractor
Amsoil lubes and filters!

#4598573 - 12/08/17 09:10 PM Re: Removal of diesel emissions [Re: Rat407]
SilverFusion2010 Offline

Registered: 06/29/11
Posts: 1669
Loc: Crawfordville FL
So I don't approve of rolling coal. Clean air and all that. However I watch a YouTube video of guys rolling coal on a bunch of protesters, and I have to say, it made me laugh
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