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#3269884 - 02/04/14 07:17 AM Heavy Duty CV Grease - Substitute for Hi-Mol 20?
PhillipM Offline

Registered: 02/04/14
Posts: 72
Loc: UK
Hi all, been using Millers Hi-Mol 20 grease in a race application where the driveshaft slides on it's splines as well as on the balls in the Rzeppa joint, the reason for using the Millers was the moly content is very high (as the name suggests, it contains 20% moly) - the thoery being that with the large point loads on the twisting/sliding splines the Moly is necessary to prevent them sticking and damage occuring.

Anyway, for some reason it's getting phased out of production, my local oil supplier has recommended ZX-1 grease as a replacement, but when I went on the site to have a look at it the [censored] stuff just screams snake oil at me - I don't think I'd be happy putting that on 1000-worth of shafts and CV joints under race abuse...

Anyway, just wondering if anyone with a bit more knowledge has used/examined the ZX-1 stuff, and if not, or if it is indeed snake oil, whether anyone knows of a suitable replacement for the Hi-Mol?

#3270576 - 02/04/14 06:29 PM Re: Heavy Duty CV Grease - Substitute for Hi-Mol 20? [Re: PhillipM]
artificialist Offline

Registered: 09/23/07
Posts: 8440
Loc: Florida
Redline oil advertises a grease made for CV joints, and they brag about improved performance over OEM oils.

They said they use organo-moly compounds instead of MoS2 for performance.

I have always used the grease the CV axle was packaged with, so I don't have any experience with Redline.
2010 Lancer Ralliart Sportback

#3270610 - 02/04/14 06:47 PM Re: Heavy Duty CV Grease - Substitute for Hi-Mol 20? [Re: PhillipM]
PhillipM Offline

Registered: 02/04/14
Posts: 72
Loc: UK
I've used the Redline before for F3 tripods and wheel bearings, I'm just unsure about using something with a much lower solids content in a Rzeppa joint with sliding splines.
Is that unfounded? Anyone else using the CV-2?

#3295805 - 02/27/14 05:27 AM Re: Heavy Duty CV Grease - Substitute for Hi-Mol 20? [Re: PhillipM]
PhillipM Offline

Registered: 02/04/14
Posts: 72
Loc: UK
Well, Millers informed me that there'd been a change and Hi-Mol 20 was available again. 2 tubs turned up this morning, that was an easy solution to the problem laugh

#3392111 - 06/08/14 11:03 AM Re: Heavy Duty CV Grease - Substitute for Hi-Mol 20? [Re: PhillipM]
Raybo Offline

Registered: 02/14/09
Posts: 62
Loc: Clearwater ,Florida