DIY options and input requested Smovey Rings

They are called Smovey Vibroswing. I have been asked by a friend to explore options for making something similar to these to use in a professional setting with older adults and/or children and adolescents. Two sets would be ideal. These can be found on ebay for $165 or higher. In essence they are some type of plastic corrugated tubing with ball bearings inside (see pic) and a cushioned grip that allows the user to experience a sensation/vibration when moved. I have looked online and was unable to locate alternatives to the the original version. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.

Smovey - smaller version.jpg

Smovey Larger Version.jpg
Nothing wrong with saving some money, but with all due respect in a professional setting that has anything to do with providing medical services $165 for a therapeutic device is pocket change. If you must here are foam bike grips that look like the ones in the right pic: foam grips Ball bearings are easy and a trip to a hardware store or a building supply would likely find some tubing. In the right pic it looks like there's something inside the tubing stiffening it under the handle. Mocking something you know nothing about is narrow minded. Lots of things outside of traditional Western medicine have positive results.
Reno, Nevada
My first thought is that by the time you finish experimenting and working through inevitable flops and false starts you will have spent a lot more than $165 per pair: The price isn't cheap but I'd just buy them and spend the valuable time you would have spent messing around with the rings to focus on other aspects of your enterprise.