2003 Ford 4.6L CVPI, 96kmi, 10kmi on Pennz HM 5W30

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Conventional Pennzoil HM 5W30. Oil was in service about 11 months. Took 2 quarts of top up over the course of the 10k miles. Does look like it was about the right time to do a change. Im not surprised about the fuel. My daily drive to work is about 5 miles one way. This is why I am using 5W30 as opposed to the Ford specified 5W20. As we are coming into winter, Im starting to use my block heater again. That helps a lot; Its up to a coolant temperature of about 100F when I start it up.
Iron		33
Chromium	1
Nickel		2
Aluminum	4
Copper		4
Lead		2
Tin		0
Silicon		15
Sodium		10
Potassium	2
Titanium	3
Molybdenum	176
Boron		33
Magnesium	561
Calcium		1635
Phosphorous	778
Zinc		936
Fuel		2.0 - GC
Soot		<.1
Water		<.1 - FTIR
Visc		[email protected]
TBN		2.49
Oxid		15
Nitr		12
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I would advocate for using a 5w-20 in this case. It's possible that your shorter drives are not warming the engine up fully, and a thinner lube might do a bit better. Each engine has it's own wear rate, but the species as a whole runs fairly well on most lubes. You might try 5w-20, although your short drive may not be overcome by any lube selection. For reference, here are my two 4.6L MGMs. I've run both syn and inexpensive dino oil, and get around 1ppm/1k miles of Fe or less. https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4969624/5
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Oh, I know its not being warmed up fully. My scanguage doesnt show the cylinder head temperature reaching 190F until Im turning onto the street my work is on. So I dug back into my reports for my other Vics, 3 total, and Ive never really gotten better than about 3ppm/1k of Fe with a variety of OCIs and oil choice. Usually its worse. I have a habit of leaving tubes disconnected or air box clamp loose. Ive done that on both of my other Vics, and of course wear skyrockets to 10ppm/1kmi Fe, and doesnt normalize from that for 10s of thousands of miles. Thankfully, I havent had such an incident with this one, yet. I suspect my duty cycle and use profile is just not very good for them. I could try 5W20 just to see, but it I also think any difference would be lost in the noise. I probably will just have to live with poor wear until I move or get another job farther away. But, I love my job, so we will see on the first option. I would like to have some place I can put an antenna tower up.