Dr.T, you're right the difference isn't much. I'll probably stick with 10W30 weight and save my self a few pennies. [Smile] Spector, the auto industry is saying to us, "you want a good product, you pay for it." The Japanese carmakers are the best examples. They feel that the average joe wouldn't know the hard plastics, cheaper quality cloth trim, exposed screws etc. So why would Toyota give us a good high quality Camry when they can charge people thousands more for a Lexus ES300 for the same powertrain except for the luxurious interior. I really love that ES300 interior on the current gen. [Smile] Yes, I know the engine has slightly more HP but the same block and 5 speed Automatic. I really do feel our 92-96 Camrys can fit right in with the luxury brands in terms of materials used, fit and finish, and reliability.