Saw this on another Message Board:

"I just got off the phone with Dale at Champ Labs (800-882-0890 or [email protected]) who manufacture the Mobil 1 oil filters. Here is what he told me.

They are discontinuing the M1-202 and replacing it with the M1-111. The M1-111 is a little shorter than the M1-202 and contains an anti-drain back valve.

The M1-302 (the long version of the M1-202) is still a valid number. They do not recommend this filter for replacement on a car that calls for an M1-202 because of the length of the filter and their fear of it striking something and being torn off of the engine.

For newer Camaros with the LS1 engine, both the M1-107 and the M1-206 (the longer version of the M1-107) are both still valid numbers as well.

I checked with my wholesaler who I purchase my Mobil 1 filters from. They still have (90) M1-202 filters in inventory.

They also told me that Autozone was no longer stocking the full line of Mobil 1 oil filters.

Hopes this helps ya out.

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