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#2746014 - 09/17/12 12:33 AM how often change PCV valve?
cathy Offline

Registered: 05/17/11
Posts: 149
Loc: usa
I hear all kind of recommendations. I have toyota camry
97 camry.

#2746021 - 09/17/12 01:01 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
HTSS_TR Offline

Registered: 04/17/06
Posts: 19528
Loc: Lake Forest, CA
There is no schedule in replacing PCV. Check and clean if needed, if that didn't work then replace.

I bought a replacement for my then 14-15 years old PCV of my '94 LS400 (200+k miles then). The original PCV was in excellent shape without any sign of failing, but I already had a new one so I put it in.

My S2000 has original PCV after almost 9 years.

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#2746028 - 09/17/12 01:22 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
robshelton Offline

Registered: 07/10/09
Posts: 504
Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
It's kind of a toss up on when to replace them. I take mine out and clean it every other oil change. It's metal and the replacements are plastic, so I'm sticking with what I know works. AFAIK it's the original valve.

Newer ones are plastic and can be harder to clean, so I'd just replace it, maybe every 30 or 40k miles. I would pull it out and shake it to make sure it rattles at each oil change, tho. If it doesn't rattle of course replace it. And probably give the throttle body a little cleaning too.
1993 Camry 2.2 AT 429k - How far will it go?
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#2746040 - 09/17/12 02:38 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]

Registered: 07/15/06
Posts: 2338
Loc: Magnolia, TX
Originally Posted By: cathy
I hear all kind of recommendations. I have toyota camry

On my 2000 Tundra I learned that paying attention to this little, inexpensive maintenance item is worth your time. You can clean it, or replace it. I just replace them every 30K miles now. I prefer OEM replacements. If it's a screw in type, it's easy. If it has a grommet, it's more of a PITA. The grommets tend to become hard and brittle. Changing the grommet every other PCV valve change is a good idea to avoid having it crumble and fall through the valve cover.
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#2746043 - 09/17/12 03:45 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
oilmaven Offline

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 728
Loc: Northern Michigan
I bought a new PCV for my 1999 Mercury Villager. The valve is located behind the engine and involves removing a bunch of parts to replace...a real PITA. I haven't tackled it yet and my mechanic said it was an hour worth of labor for him to do it. My understanding is that if the oil was changed frequently the valve usually holds up a long time (previous owner changed the oil every 3,000 miles or less). I'm putting off replacing it for now.
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#2746102 - 09/17/12 06:25 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
CourierDriver Offline

Registered: 12/27/09
Posts: 4387
Loc: Tn.
they will last longer then u will own the car. just u wait and see.
You can be right or you can choose to be happy. The next time you get upset with your results,look in the mirror and ask, How's that working for you?

#2746318 - 09/17/12 10:38 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
cutter Offline

Registered: 02/06/12
Posts: 846
Loc: Philadelphia, PA
Naphtha bath for my oem PCV if I see any crud on it. No way am I ever using a 3rd party pcv.

#2746350 - 09/17/12 11:13 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
surfstar Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
Posts: 5955
Loc: Santa Barbara, CA
Kinda of like spark plug wires or fuel filters - I read replace every 60k or 90k miles online and blindly did so. Now I'm just inspecting and testing and will replace wires and PCV valve when it actually needs it.

#2746406 - 09/17/12 12:14 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
TFB1 Offline

Registered: 09/03/10
Posts: 3496
Loc: VA
another clean & reinstall, 99% of the time they don't need replacement...

#2746448 - 09/17/12 12:41 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
VicVinegar Offline

Registered: 12/28/11
Posts: 681
Loc: Northern Virginia
Mine is 13 years old and original. I was going to buy an OEM replacement just to get a fresh one in there, but there were some posts on Civic forums talking about them breaking on removal and causing a bigger headache. Plus it is also in the back of the motor and a bit of a pain to access.

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#2746516 - 09/17/12 01:47 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
Vikas Offline

Registered: 07/22/05
Posts: 10993
Loc: NorthEast
I had purchased a replacement PCV for my 99 Odyssey few years ago but never could figure out how to replace it. Couple weekends ago, I had to take the plenum off and finally I had access to the PCV. It was clogged but I used carburetor cleaner to clean it up and put it back. The replacement was an aftermarket plastic one bought at NAPA. I decided to stick with the original metal one after cleaning it.

Suggestion:- Either purchase a new one from the dealer or re-use the existing one after cleaning it.

#2746727 - 09/17/12 05:27 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
Burny Offline

Registered: 10/20/05
Posts: 76
Loc: Chesapeake
If you keep your oil changed regularly it will never need replaced. I have a 1991 4runner I bought new and have never replaced it. Same with fuel filter.

#2746836 - 09/17/12 07:41 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]
Whimsey Offline

Registered: 12/22/02
Posts: 3632
Loc: The Garden State
I suspect if you don't burn oil during OCI's then you PCV should not plug up. My wife's bought new 2005 Explorer w/the 4.6 has over 125,000 miles on it and still has the original PCV valve. It uses no measurable amount of oil in it's 8,500 mile OCI's. I suspect if you burn oil then your PCV valve will clog up eventually and increase your oil usage.


#2747084 - 09/18/12 03:40 AM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: cathy]

Registered: 07/15/06
Posts: 2338
Loc: Magnolia, TX
"The function of a PCV valve is to control the flow of crankcase gases. Start your engine, then remove the oil filler cap (watch your clothes; you might get some oil splatters). Place your hand just above the opening. Feel the strong jet of air? That's "blowby", combustion gases that squirt past the piston rings into the crankcase below the pistons. Even new engines in good condition generate lots of blowby (but it's still a small
fraction of what passes through the throttle body).That jet of air has to be vented somewhere, otherwise it will quickly build up pressure inside the engine, and cause those aforementioned very bad things to happen. If the PCV valve gets plugged, blowby pressure has no proper place to go.

The primary reason for plugged PCV valves is neglected oil changes, which causes sludge. Secondarily, it also happens to engines that are primarily used for short trips, where moisture, fuel, and acids build up in the oil, emulsifying it into sludge, which is related to the neglect thing mentioned earlier. 3 months between changes might be too long depending on how you drive.
Also, an engine with worn compression rings will have massive amounts of blowby, which will overwhelm the PCV valve's ability to pass air and cause the excess vapors (and oil) to be pumped into the intake before the throttle plate.

Since the air inside the crankcase also contains contaminants like unburned fuel, water, acids and other things that your engine and its oil do not like, venting the excess pressure also helps to vent those contaminants out of the engine before they settle into the oil in the first place, so your oil stays a bit cleaner longer."
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2012 Toyota 4Runner 2WD SR5
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#2747408 - 09/18/12 01:04 PM Re: how often change PCV valve? [Re: HTSS_TR]
NJC Offline

Registered: 04/28/05
Posts: 2993
Loc: Vancouver BC
Originally Posted By: HTSS_TR
There is no schedule in replacing PCV. Check and clean if needed, if that didn't work then replace.

That's why I did on my 2004 Sienna ... left it overnight on side filled with Pblaster. Drained, rinsed out with garden hose and reinstalled after drying.

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