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#1659637 - 11/05/09 05:02 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: coffee]
chewbacca Offline

Registered: 10/15/05
Posts: 158
Loc: Provisional Republic of Diego ...
2000 Honda Odyssey 92,300 (purchased new in 03/00)
Chevron Supreme 5w-30
oem Honda (Honeywell ne; Fram)
change every 6 months, regardless of mileage

2000 Nissan Fronter XE King Cab Pickup 141,375 (purchased used in 04/03)
Chevron Supreme 5w-30
oem Nissan oil filter
change every 5k miles

2006 Nissan Sentra 52,000 (purchased used in 11/07)
Chevron Supreme 5w-30
oem Nissan oil filter
change every 6 months regardless of mileage

#1660508 - 11/06/09 09:04 AM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: chewbacca]
Kaboomba Offline

Registered: 10/05/09
Posts: 782
1994 Buick Park Avenue 79,200 (Bought 01/08 with 28,600mi on OD)
4 qt. Amsoil SSO 0W-30
.75 qt Mobil 1 10W-30 (for quiet valves on startup)
Fleetguard LF3554 (oversized--designed for 4.3L V6 used in GM trucks)

I'll probably change this out next fall. Due to weepy valve stem seals, I always have to add 1/2 qt here, 1/2 qt there, so I may never have to actually "change" the oil. Just the filter. ha.

94 Buick Park Ave 108K miles, aging gracefully though totalled!
95 Merc Sable 92K miles, raised from the dead by me

#1662269 - 11/07/09 03:51 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: Kaboomba]
GMFan Offline

Registered: 12/26/07
Posts: 1862
Loc: NC

1999 VW Jetta GL - 115,106 miles

Quaker State 10w40 + Fram Extra Guard

2.0 quarts Quaker State 5w30
2.5 quarts Mobil Clean 5000 5w30 + Purolator Classic

5w30 used for the cold winter.

Edited by GMFan (11/07/09 03:54 PM)
2011 Mazda6, 102k miles
Supertech Synthetic 5W-20, Fram TG
“Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create - this is man.”

#1662355 - 11/07/09 05:10 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: GMFan]
beanoil Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 2786
Loc: Midwest, Illinois
1999 F250, 5.4 Triton
We towed the travel trailer to storage, so the truck will set idle for most of the winter, with only occasional runs. 4.5k on RTS and a Stratopore.
Switched to M1 15-50 and an FL820s. Figured what the heck, Frank runs it exclusively, it gets good marks here, and I have a boat load of the red cap from K-Mart clearance. The truck has 137k on it now with an average of about 4k a year towing the TT.

Edited by beanoil (11/07/09 05:11 PM)
beanoil: Tough under heat, real dirty afterwards.

#1662431 - 11/07/09 06:36 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: beanoil]
Dominik Offline

Registered: 06/19/03
Posts: 330
Loc: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Just few hours ago:
2003 Altima 2.5S (QRD 25 engine)
Nippon oil filter + Castrrol GTX 5W-30 3 Litres and 1.25Litre GC 0W-30.
Also drained and refilled tranny put in 5Litre Valvoline MaxLife.

2002 Honda Accord 2.3 litre
SuperTech 3593A filter and Pennzoil YB 5W-30 3.5Litre and QS Horse Power 5W-20 1Litre.
Changed out tranny oil with 2 Litre Z-1 and 1 Litre AMSoil Universal ATF.

Well I can't help it am a mixin'

#1662448 - 11/07/09 06:47 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: Dominik]
TiGeo Offline

Registered: 11/05/09
Posts: 15
Loc: Midlothian, VA
Within last 2 mos:

2000 Jetta GL w/2.0 188,000 miles - 4.75 liters Castrol Syntec 5w-40, Purolator PureOne filter.

2003 Ford Explorer XTL w/4.0 81,000 miles - 5.0 liters Castrol GTX 5w-30, Motorcraft filter.

2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES NAVI 46,000 miles - 2x drain/refill with Honda ATF Z-1. 3.3 liters/change.

Edited by TiGeo (11/07/09 07:00 PM)
Earth first..we'll mine the other planets later!

2000 VW Jetta GL 190K 5w/0w-40 Castrol/Mobil 1
2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES NAV 5w-20 Castrol GTX

#1662452 - 11/07/09 06:50 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: Dominik]
tenderloin Offline

Registered: 12/16/02
Posts: 6441
Loc: Huntington Beach, CA
This AM
Wifes 2007 New Beetle

6 qt's 0W-30 Castrol GC
LUBEGARD BIO-TECH Engine Oil Protectant
Purolator cartridge filter

#1662456 - 11/07/09 06:52 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: TiGeo]
RacerE7773 Offline

Registered: 01/12/07
Posts: 973
Loc: Geneva
2003 Impala base. 73,341 when I changed it. Napa gold 1040 (fleetfilter) and 4.5 quarts Pennzoil/O'reilly/Quaker State regular 5w30.
"Don't tell me you're the one they kept..."-Moe

"Naw, I'm the one they threw away..."-Larry
2007 Taurus 3.0 101,000 mi.

#1662546 - 11/07/09 08:09 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: RacerE7773]
el_zorro Offline

Registered: 03/24/09
Posts: 142
Loc: Michigan
Lots of oil changes lately, all of these were performed 10/1/09 or later.

2008 GMC Acadia - 5.5 Qts 5W-30 Quaker State QHP, Napa Gold Filter
2004 Chevrolet Cavalier - 4.5 Qts 5W-30 Formula Shell, Supertech Filter
2007 Saturn Aura - 4 Qts 5W-30 Valvoline Synpower, AC Filter
2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer - 7 Qts 5W-30 Formula Shell, AC Filter
2000 GMC Sierra - 6 Qts 0W-30 German Castrol Syntec, K&N Filter
1987 John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor - 1.75 Qts 30W Valvoline All Climate HD, Supertech Filter
2007 Chevrolet Impala - 4 Qts 5W-30 Mobil 1, K&N Filter
2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer - 7 Qts 5W-30 Mobil Clean 5000, Supertech Filter

#1662569 - 11/07/09 08:27 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: el_zorro]
robertcope Offline

Registered: 01/10/08
Posts: 951
Loc: TX
I dumped the AMSOIL AFL out of my Jetta today. Was at the track and shifted 3-2 rather than 3-4 at about 7K RPM. Made a bit of a funny noise after that session but nothing that anyone could really pinpoint, so I dumped the oil to look for metal in it. Didn't see anything interesting, so refilled with M1 0W-40 from the local Autozone as I didn't have any AFL on hand. This is the first time I've filled with anything but the AMSOIL, not particularly happy about it, but ultimately doesn't matter.

#1662638 - 11/07/09 09:15 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: robertcope]
IndyFan Offline

Registered: 06/16/05
Posts: 413
Loc: Danville, Indiana
Ran PP 5w20 for 6k oci in my Jeep Wrangler. (Total of 29k miles, and I go by the OLM) Changed it today to Mobil 1 5w20. I've been runing Ford Motorcraft oil filters on the Jeep as recommended by Jeepers on Jeep JK owners had been having trouble with M1 filter anti-drainback valve and getting bad noise on starts. I experienced this, as well the one time I ran that filter. The Motorcraft filter works well, and they are cheap. I bounce back and forth between M1 and PP, primarily going with M1 for winter. I guess I believe it flows better cold, but I don't really know if that is the case.

This engine sounds the same with either oil, so other than the aforementioned perception, I have no other ideas about which is better. I've had great luck with M1 on other engines for years, and I see so many good UOAs on PP, so that's why the waffling. (Plus, I occasionally score PP at a low price.)

I've got M1 5w30 in my Solstice now, as well, with a Supertech cartridge filter. I go by the OLM or 1 year, whichever comes first. This time, the year came first. I've got 24k on this car, but didn't put many miles on it last year. It went about 5k on PP 5w30 last time, and the OLM was at 48%. Same deal in my head between the two brands of oil. Again, I hear know audible difference between the two oils. I had a UOA done on PP a couple years ago and it was excellent. I also had trouble with a PurOne oil filter. The media began to deteriorate at about 4 or 5k on the oil. Supertechs have done very well. I ran one to around 8k miles and it looked great.
18 Jeep JLUR Wrangler 3.6 Ordered
15 Ford Transit 3.5 Ecoboost 80k
08 Jeep Wrangler 3.8 118k
01 Ford F150 Crew 5.4 75k
99 Mercedes E430 Sport 77k

#1663310 - 11/08/09 02:18 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: StevieC]
BovineScapegoat Offline

Registered: 11/06/09
Posts: 241
Loc: Southern Ontario
2005 Mazda3 2.0
Pennzoil Platinum 5W20
Wix filter

Usually use 5W30 but am going to compare the UOAs.
05 Mazda3 2.0 Castrol Edge 5W30 + Motorcraft FL910S
Redline MT-90, Filtermag, Shark Fin Antenna
07 Focus 2.0 any dino 5W30 + Motorcraft

#1663666 - 11/08/09 06:19 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: BovineScapegoat]
caravanmike Offline

Registered: 05/09/09
Posts: 1069
Loc: ohio
1999 jeep cherokee 4.0L aisin aw4(trans)
6 quarts maxlife 10w-40
pure one filter
3 quarts of valvoline merc/dex (drain and fill)
Oils I use: Any 5w-30,5w-20 conventional

#1663697 - 11/08/09 06:49 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: caravanmike]
ToyotaNSaturn Offline

Registered: 04/11/03
Posts: 11279
Loc: Spring Hill, TN
Changed oil on the little Saturn yesterday, 5qts PP 5w-30, Amsoil filter.

Had an oil change place do it. Just no want-to to get underneath the car this time.
2006 Mercury Montego, V6
2004 Saturn Vue, V6

#1663719 - 11/08/09 07:01 PM Re: Post your latest oil change [Re: 21Rouge]
double vanos Offline

Registered: 08/05/04
Posts: 1652
Loc: 5600 feet elevation, Arizona
2009 Ford f 150 Platinum

Mobil 1 5w-20

Motorcraft 820s filter
Sabine Schmitz is the Queen of the 'Ring; Svetlana Kapanina is the Queen of the SKIES...

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