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#1613851 - 09/28/09 06:35 PM Best conventional oil
cassidy Offline

Registered: 09/27/09
Posts: 127
Loc: Jeromesville,Oh
I need a expert opinion on what the best conventional oil on the market is. Are there any better than the rest? I see a lot of pyb users, but not many on others like valvoline or castrol. So, whats the best?

#1613855 - 09/28/09 06:38 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: cassidy]
sparkplug Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 862
Loc: Massena, NY
I vote Valvoline.
Mobil 1 0w30 Wix 1085

#1613859 - 09/28/09 06:41 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: sparkplug]
Eddie Offline

Registered: 12/07/03
Posts: 8693
Loc: Florida, Cape Coral
There may be no "best" as the engine design and type of driving comes into the equasion.
CX5 Touring 2.5L :-)

#1613864 - 09/28/09 06:43 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: Eddie]
parimento1 Offline

Registered: 09/02/07
Posts: 756
Loc: Brooklyn, NY
The one that's on sale

#1613874 - 09/28/09 06:51 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: parimento1]
cassidy Offline

Registered: 09/27/09
Posts: 127
Loc: Jeromesville,Oh
I used to be a diehard Castrol GTX guy because thats what my dad used when I was growing up, But over the last few years, I have been using Supertech because of the great prices, or when I'm at a parts store like Autozone, I get the "house brand" like the Coastal they used to carry. Am I ok with those oils or should I go with a name brand?

#1613883 - 09/28/09 06:58 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: cassidy]
bullwinkle Offline

Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 6483
Loc: Cincinnati, OH, USA
As long as you're sticking to the mfr.'s recommended change interval & viscosity, using SM rated oil for gasoline engines, you'll be fine. I've always been a fan of Valvoline & Mobil products, but Coastal & Supertech (both made by Warren, AFAIK), are decent oils too. It's more important to change it regularly than what you use to do it!
06 Ram 3500 CTD 4X4(FG Venturi), 93 GMC C3500 6.2, 89 F-450 7.3, 98 XJ 4.0(XG8A), 05 xB(XG3600), 15 Transit 3.7, 03 Merc Grand Marquis 4.6 2V(XG2)

#1613895 - 09/28/09 07:06 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: bullwinkle]
defektes Offline

Registered: 09/09/09
Posts: 3216
Loc: Hesperia, CA, USA
Valvoline, the mechanics choice.
2002 GMC Sierra 5sp. 4.3L 145K ST3980 E-Core
Chevron Supreme 5w-30, Amsoil Synchromesh In Tranny
Valvoline SynPower 75w-90 Gear Oil In Rear

#1613899 - 09/28/09 07:15 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: defektes]
cassidy Offline

Registered: 09/27/09
Posts: 127
Loc: Jeromesville,Oh
Well, according the oil life monitor in my Ridgeline, it logged 7900 miles on the last oil change, 95% highway miles. I know that the maintainance monitor was designed around dino oil, but do you think that Supertech is up to the task?

#1613900 - 09/28/09 07:15 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: defektes]
erogers Offline

Registered: 06/24/07
Posts: 214
Loc: Land of Lincoln
For an over-the-counter conventional oil, I'd pick Valvoline too. After all, it was the first motor oil...they've had a lot of time to perfect it!

If I could pick any conventional, though, I'd probably go with Brad Penn. Pure Pennsylvania Crude! All USA.
'05 VW Passat TDI: Amsoil European Car Formula 5W-40
'89 Jaguar XJ6: Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-40
'94 T-Bird LX 4.6 - RIP 1/10/12

#1613904 - 09/28/09 07:17 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: erogers]
Jakegday Offline

Registered: 05/25/09
Posts: 1001
Loc: fremont nebraska
ive always used valvoline. before switching to maxlife i used their conventional
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT
1981 Ford Fairmont
1978 Ford Ranchero GT

#1613905 - 09/28/09 07:18 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: Eddie]
StevieC Offline

Registered: 08/21/08
Posts: 14339
Loc: Niagara Falls, ON, CA (near)
Originally Posted By: Eddie
There may be no "best" as the engine design and type of driving comes into the equasion.
+1 thumbsup

Blindly I would go with Pennzoil or Valvoline
'06 Hyundai Sante Fe - 330K KM's
Current Oil: RLI 0w30 (Ask me why)

Don't be part of the Sheeple, check frequently for wool over your eyes. wink

#1613917 - 09/28/09 07:29 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: StevieC]
Carzzz Offline

Registered: 01/26/08
Posts: 424
Loc: Toronto, ON, Canada
GTX is very decently dino oil... (close to synthetic except the cold flow is not as good as synthetic)

#1613919 - 09/28/09 07:31 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: Carzzz]
oilchangeguy Offline

Registered: 02/22/09
Posts: 419
Loc: North Carolina
Valvoline hands down.
'15 Dodge Ram 1500, Havoline Conventional, NAPA Gold Filter
'11 Nissan Altima,NAPA Syn,Nissan Filter

#1613922 - 09/28/09 07:33 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: oilchangeguy]
RTexasF Offline

Registered: 10/01/02
Posts: 2687
Loc: North TX
The one that you change on a regular basis regardless of brand.

#1613931 - 09/28/09 07:38 PM Re: Best conventional oil [Re: RTexasF]
buster Offline

Registered: 11/16/02
Posts: 30282
Loc: NJ

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