I had trouble with water collecting in the spare tire well of the trunk of my 2000 Sebring convertible. In order to track the leak down I was told to climb into the trunk with a flashlight and have someone spray water on the trunk, taillights, top etc one area at a time and look for any leaks. I did this and found it leaking from high up where the rear of the top bolts to the body.

To get to this area get in the car and take off the black plugs
that hold the back shelf onto the back wall. When you peel the
shelf back you will see many metal bars with bolts coming thru them and nuts attached to the bolts. These bars press the top against the frame securing it. There are gaps between the bars and the top material does not always lay flat. This can cause water to leak past the frame and top material. Chrysler realized this and made a "U" shaped channel under the metal bars to catch the water that gets by and drain it out the rear quarters into slots in front of the wheel wells.

As my wife sprayed the top I discovered many leaks that were getting by the drain channel. This was caused by the top material bunching up and sticking out past the channel so water ran and dripped outside the channel. Also some water was running to the end of some of the bolts and dripping past the channel. I used some black silicone caulk to fill these areas and stop the leaks.

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