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#1117497 - 03/29/08 05:40 PM What is MOTOR HONEY??
parimento1 Offline

Registered: 09/02/07
Posts: 756
Loc: Brooklyn, NY
I saw this stuff on the shelf at my local auto parts store, this stuff sure is thick as real honey haha. I wonder how good this is for the claims to stop smoking and stuff, I wonder how good this is long term for the engine with the fluid being so so thick.

#1117502 - 03/29/08 05:47 PM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: parimento1]
MGregoir Offline

Registered: 08/30/07
Posts: 1784
Loc: Bonnyville, AB
It's not good, it basically just thickens up the oil which can cause problems when the engine is cold because it can cause cavitation in bearings due to flowing so slow.

Lucas Oil Stabilizer is much the same. It's all gorilla snot.

#1117536 - 03/29/08 06:52 PM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: MGregoir]
wavinwayne Offline

Registered: 01/06/05
Posts: 7539
Loc: North Alabama
I used Motor Honey a lot in the first car I bought, a 1983 Monte Carlo, with a tired 3.8L V6 engine. The thing smoked like a freight train and drank oil from the day I bought it, and I figured WTH, Motor Honey can't hurt. I probably went through 100 qt's of the stuff in the 80k miles that I drove the Monte. This was from 1989-1993.

Did Motor Honey help? "Yes", because it slowed the oil consumption.

Did Motor Honey cause any damage? In the climate here in North AL, I doubt the thickness of MH caused any damage, but I have no way of knowing.

Also keep in mind that during the time I used MH, all I knew about oil was that my mechanic Father (G0d rest his soul) used 10w40 in everything (so I did, too), and he told me that Pennzoil would sludge up an engine, so I didn't use that. IIRC, I used a lot of Castrol & QS in the Monte during that time.
Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.

#1117539 - 03/29/08 07:05 PM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: wavinwayne]
dwendt44 Offline

Registered: 05/17/06
Posts: 3692
Loc: Central Wisconsin
Very similar to the original STP oil treatment.
Makes it fun starting in the winter.
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#1117626 - 03/29/08 08:51 PM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: dwendt44]
Russell Offline

Registered: 12/04/04
Posts: 2171
Loc: Lexington, KY
I used it on my old 528e for 100,000 miles. I unknowlingly bought the car with worn valve guides. I changed the oil only when the oil level sesnor would stick indicating it was a quart low. I know-I know :). This was pre bob is the oil guy.

When I sold it, the engine ran fine and was still using a quart of 20w50 oil and bottle of motor honey very 600 or so miles. Started fine in teh winter here in KY.
Russell Casey
1995 BMW 525i M50TU 2.5L-6, abt 239K miles. Rebuilt trany.
2017 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5l with Eyesight, 6,000 miles

#1118462 - 03/30/08 11:38 PM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: Russell]
Audi Junkie Offline

Registered: 11/03/02
Posts: 11247
Loc: PA
It makes problems worse as it sticks up the already stuck rings. Imo, solvent flush, piston soak, intake cleaning and a Hi-Mi oil would actually address the problem.
2008 Opel Astra 1.8 VVT 5M
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#1118519 - 03/31/08 05:31 AM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: Audi Junkie]
Russell Offline

Registered: 12/04/04
Posts: 2171
Loc: Lexington, KY
I do not have that car anymore. Also, I know a lot more about engine care then I did at that time. Believe me my current BMW is well cared for.
Russell Casey
1995 BMW 525i M50TU 2.5L-6, abt 239K miles. Rebuilt trany.
2017 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5l with Eyesight, 6,000 miles

#1118585 - 03/31/08 08:28 AM Re: What is MOTOR HONEY?? [Re: Russell]
demarpaint Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 27375
Loc: NY
Back in the 70's I worked in an auto parts store, and if IRRC Motor Honey was made by the Hastings Company's Casite division. It was intended to compete with STP Oil treatment, at the time the thinking was "Thicker is better" and it was thick.

Frank D
God Bless Our Troops