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castrol, m1, rp, liquid moly, or penzoil
by Volvoguy69. 11/18/18 10:10 PM
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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S
11/19/18 03:37 PM
I recently asked a similiar question; looking for differential fill for our GS350 F Sport with 60K miles.
Gonna use Red Line 75w85 partially because that is the Toyota viscosity and it got strong recommendations.
I believe any quality gear oil would be fine; the difference between 75w85 and 75w90 has to be minimal at best.
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General and Off Topic
11/19/18 03:35 PM
You can gain tons of storage if you have the design include "attic trusses" , the roof line stays the same but instead of the criss crossing traditional trusses, your builder/supplier alter the trusses so that a full length square area is in the final design. When we added a 24'x36' addition that was for a 10'x 24' entry then a 26'x24' attached garage with a 12'x36' screen porch on the backside, all under one roof. The entry is insulated and has a pull down ladder that goes up into the 'attic' of the garage part, giving us nearly 16'36' wide open storage or future living space. The truss company increases the bottom truss beam in height since it will be considered 'load bearing' and the configuration of the webbing of the trusses is designed for our winter snow loads. The additional cost to us for going this route was around $2,000 but it gives us so much future space at minimal cost. Grand kids love playing up there too. Here are 2 pics of what they look like. Good luck.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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General and Off Topic
11/19/18 03:33 PM
I know this is likely a long shot given it is so out of season, but wondering if anyone has seen any good push mower sales for Black Friday? Only thing I have really seen is the sears promotion - spend $250 get $250 in points over 10 weeks. Not exactly thrilled about needing to burn points every week.

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Engine Oil Filters
11/19/18 03:33 PM
Great pics, thanks for the C&P!
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Engine Oil Filters
11/19/18 03:33 PM
Got an email back, the person I’m corresponding with said they would pack it in bubble wrap themselves this time. We shall see. And from now on a reckon I’ll just go down to the dealer for these.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles
11/19/18 03:32 PM
I guess the separation process varies. Here, everything goes into the same blue recycle bin. Cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastics.
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum
11/19/18 03:31 PM
my AutoDoctor OBD reader supposedly has Mode6.
Shows no failures...but shows 0-4 misfires once in a while which all say is good to go.
Dealer checked, shows nothing.

symptoms show similar as video once in a while and changes from cylinder to cylinder. Not very significant and can't duplicate. Nowhere near as rough as the car in the video though.

Dealer said "needs tune up" which of course as I pointed out means only plugs...which I let them do (sad day for me, such an easy job).
No change.

Thinking it is transmission related. when under load, there is never an issue.
Light throttle or cruising on highway.

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Automotive General Topics
11/19/18 03:29 PM
Hey everyone

I am thinking about my next car. My winter beater/DD is a 1999 Toyota Solara. It has 205k miles. I am kinda just waiting for the thing to explode. The transmission has grinding gears, and there are some other issues with it. The engine was well taken care of, and it has been reliable for the last 3 years.

I am thinking of replacing it with mustang as my DD. The most I have ever spent on a car is $2700. I am thinking of getting a 4th generation mustang GT. I want one for the fun of a V8. Strangely, the Solara got me interested in larger engines because it has the V6. I love the V6, and want to try a V8. My budget will probably not exceed $6k. What do you guys think? A 2003 GT any good? Are they somewhat reliable and fun to drive? Alternatives? This car will be my DD.
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Automotive General Topics
11/19/18 03:29 PM
He had a good run. These personalities tend to think themselves above the law, at a level that allows them to do as they see fit. He was probably used to this approach with the running of the company and thought this would be applicable to all his other affairs.
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Tires & Wheels
11/19/18 03:26 PM
Local pepboys (yes they were the cheapest) said they couldn't get anymore this year (lie?).
So I went with Falken EuroWinter for my wife's car.
i'm sure we could've gotten another season out of the continentals, but not in deep snow.
Better safe than sorry.
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Photo Section
11/19/18 03:24 PM
Tucked away inside an overcrowded garage... just barely fits.

[Linked Image]
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Automotive General Topics
11/19/18 03:24 PM
Mini coal
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Lawn Mower and Small Engine
11/19/18 03:24 PM
Ariens or Toro will be a great buy.

I'd stay away from Honda. They are very nice to use but when they break it is a nightmare to repair (the track drive transmissions).
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Lawn Mower and Small Engine
11/19/18 03:19 PM
Make sure you get an OEM seal.

I had this happen on a customer's machine, and it was due to an aftermarket seal that didn't fit quite tight enough. A new OEM Briggs seal fixed it.
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Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
11/19/18 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by shanneba
I did have the usual Oil Filter housing leak during the last OCI
Originally Posted by antonmnster
I changed the OFHG in my n54...
Originally Posted by Audios
...the oil filter housing gasket has been a problem since the M50 came out in 1990. My 92 525i needed it twice, ....
Originally Posted by BMWTurboDzl
Originally Posted by oil_film_movies
You'd think the geniuses in germany would have fixed the issue by then.
The OFHG leak continues to this day.

Over the many years, other car brands have fixed issues, given 3 years or so. BMW is supposed to be an expensive brand. One day BMW will realize it is important to not tick off the owners at trade-in time.
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Lawn Mower and Small Engine
11/19/18 03:15 PM
0w20 would be fine, but monitor consumption. Like stated before, Tecumsehs will throw a rod if they starve for oil. I've run 0w20, 0w30, 5w30, 0w40, 5w40, etc in them with out any issues. The key is keeping the oil full. On an older machine, it may consume a 0w20, and if your father doesn't check the oil that could end badly. Also, for what it's worth I notice almost no difference pulling one over with 0w20 vs. 10w40. They are a bit tougher to pull over than a Briggs or Honda.
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Tires & Wheels
11/19/18 03:14 PM
I had some Douglas tires on a 2006 Honda Civic no problems at all and they came from Walmart. Price was low and quality was great.
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
11/19/18 03:13 PM
I nabbed 2 blend high mikeage 10w30 STP jugs at $10 each yesterday. Plenty of M1 10w30 EP left too at $2 quart
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles
11/19/18 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by buster
That was back in 2012 FWIW. No problem.

It's still good insight into what they are doing / considering etc.
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Consumer Electronics
11/19/18 03:11 PM
folks still making cdma vs gsm comments are living in the past..
verizon's CDMA network only applies up to the 3G network.
The 4G standard is GSM based. (you may have noticed that when 4G phones came out, verizon started using Sim Cards, something they had never done before)

the difference lies in what bands of 4G Spectrum the different carriers use.

your verizon phone may not have the right radios for the frequency bands other carriers use.

also, Verizon is phasing out their old non 4GLTE network. any phone that's Not LTE pretty much won't work after Fall of '19.(Canadian carriers discontinued their CDMA networks back in '16)
Verizon has already stopped activating non-LTE Phones.

that's not to say they are discontinuing basic flip phones, you just need to get a new LTE model.

I stick with Verizon, mainly because they are the only ones with decent coverage in my area. a friend of mine moved to Columbus a year ago, and he and his hubby switched to T-Mobile.

when he comes back up here to visit, he essentially has no signal unless he's within a mile or so corridor along a 4 lane divided Highway....
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11/19/18 03:11 PM
Back when I worked more with hardware, before the advent of SSDs, Western Digital was by far the best HD manufacturer to deal with.

It is good to know that their service is still very good. Are they as good with their SSDs, their more recent acquisition?

Sandisk had awful customer service.
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Engine Oil Filters
11/19/18 03:09 PM
Just a basic Fram with a rubber ADBV. Held up just fine for that subi.
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Lawn Mower and Small Engine
11/19/18 03:07 PM
I would first try taking the carb off and cleaning it. It sounds like it is running rich, and a passage could be plugged up in the carburetor. I've seen this more than once on a brand new machine.

If that doesn't work, you can often find brand new carbs for under $20 on ebay for those engines.

Also, try swapping the plug with an NGK BP5ES spark plug. Whenever I repower something with a Chinese Honda clone, I swap out the plug with one of these and it usually runs slightly better than the no-name plug that is in there.

That looks like a really cool little bike!
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OTC and Third Party Oil Additives
11/19/18 03:07 PM
I think its a terrible topic title and I dont click links to videos that I have no idea what they are.

(since you asked what I think crackmeup)
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum
11/19/18 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by skyactiv
You know whats funny? My wifes Audi and my VW were assembled in Germany and have a lot of Bosch parts on them, but they came with NGK spark plugs from the factory.

That's because when NGK won the last contract VAG was soliciting for spark plugs.

my 08 Passat 2.0T came with Bosch plugs, but in 2010, NGK got the VAG contract, and replaced the Bosch plugs with NGK plugs.

My 08 Passat also had random Denso parts also.

on my current Tiguan, I ran the BKR7EIX, then Denso IK22, and now on order Denso VK22 (from the UK). If only Denso made the twin-tip in IK22 configuration.

I had the Bosch Platinum +4 back when I had a 88.5 Camry V6, since the rear bank was a PITA to get to, so longer lasting plugs was a good thing. Back in the day, Bosch also bragged about the Platinums were not merely just tipped, but the entire center electrode core was platinum alloy.

Also interesting, that Audi ran Bosch dual ground plugs before, BKR6EKUB
[Linked Image]
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