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How many seventies car were able to make it to 100K? If my Pinto was any example, not that many.

Every single one that passed through our family. The record holder was the 73 Satellite Custom (318/904) that my folks bought new, I got in '80 and drove through HS, college, grad school, on my honeymoon, through 20 years of marriage... gave it away last fall to a friend. Still running at over 435,000 miles. Engine was refreshed at 190k, never opened again except for a third timing chain at around 300,000. 2 transmission overhauls- woulda just been one if a bad radiator trans cooler hadn't pumped it full of high silicate antifreeze. :-/

There was a 74 Mercury Comet that made it to about 210k, although the 250 straight six was having a hard time maintaining oil pressure. Then there was a 74 Dart 318/904 that made it to about 190k, sold still running great. Come to think of it, the WORST of the lot was a '78 Plymouth Horizon that we ran off the property at 140,000 miles, but it was an absolute nightmare to get there. All the others didn't even break a sweat seeing at least 150k. Several 60s cars also did that- the best being the Polara in my .sig that kept its original 383 and transmission until 260,000 miles.
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