auto shipping question for a friend

Posted By: earlyre

auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 04:02 PM

so my buddy's Little brother is in the Army. Currently stationed @ Ft. Hood, heading for Korea in June.
He Currently has their Mom's '01-ish firebird with him on base. he is coming home before deployment, but has a bad feeling about driving it back home (here in NW OH)

to my understanding they (the gov.) will ship a vehicle to/from the US, to a foreign duty post, but within the US, it's your personal responsibility.( he does NOT want to take the firebird with him.)

any recommended shippers possibly with military discount?

he's flying back up here one month from today.
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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 04:10 PM

I had cars shipped twice.
Last summer I had a 2008 CR-V shipped from San Jose, CA to Arlington, TX. I used a broker and paid around $900 (don't exactly remember).
A month ago I had a 2004 Sentra shipped from San Jose to Phoenix, AZ for $650. I used the driver/owner who helped before. I called him directly.

It ain't cheap.
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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 04:16 PM

What is the bad feeling? Is the car not mechanically sound enough for the long trip? It sounds like there is some sentimental value with this car.
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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 04:19 PM

I think the Government will store a vehicle, for free, if your getting stationed overseas...

I have used Montway to ship a car from Virginia to Chicago, pickup was a Wal-Mart parking lot, lots of room, and delivery was a college football stadium.
I shipped a spare key by mail, and a notarized letter detailing the sale beforehand..
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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 04:23 PM

Reading material on car storage for Military..

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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/18/19 06:02 PM

while i was in if you were E-5 or over 4 yrs 1 private owned vehicle was shipped free, + unless you were entitled for this the government would not ship anything. i had my new 1970 Triumph Bonneville i bought in Morocco where i was stationed, crated + shipped to Bayone NJ port of entry where i picked it up. over there private shipping was unreliable as a friend was still looking for his bike a year later!! of course things are a lot better in usa for shipping
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Re: auto shipping question for a friend - 04/19/19 04:05 AM

nothing sentimental.. their mom just bought it summer before last('17). originally belonged to her ex-GF 's mother.

I had the year wrong (going from memory) it's a '97 (LT1)

my buddy took it down there to him thanksgiving ('17)
(if you were 21 and on your own for the first time, not to mention in the army, and your mom gave you a choice of 3 vehicles Firebird/Aztek/Neon which would you choose?)

after a few months with the Firebird, and more repairs than he was banking on (esp on a e1-e2 salary..)he said he was sick of the car it was a POS, and wanted his neon back.
yes, he would rather have my old '05 Neon SXT, than the 97 Firebird...

I'm not privy to what all has gone wrong with it/what he's had to fix, but at this point after having it for 18 mos or so, if he doesn't feel he can trust it on a 1200 mi trek... you have to respect that...

they got a $900 estimate to ship the car. planning to split the cost 3 ways (mom and the 2 sons)
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