Windy in Houston

Posted By: motor_oil_madman

Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 03:00 AM

What's up with the weather in Houston? For the last month and a half it's been blowing like crazy. Like a steady 15-20mph with gusts to 40
Posted By: Reddy45

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 03:02 AM

Is it chili season?
Posted By: Bud_One

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 03:27 AM

Between the wind and the pollen here lately...its caused havok on my allergies .
Posted By: Nyogtha

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 04:57 AM

We have a risk of substantial hail here tomorrow.

Plenty of pollen here. Washed my truck Sat and it already has a yellow dusting. At least Mountain Cedar season is over for this year.

It's just that time of year.
Posted By: Bud

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 12:04 PM

Its Texas spring time. Nothing new.
Posted By: motor_oil_madman

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 01:05 PM

The last few springs have been fairly calm.
Posted By: robertcope

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 02:23 PM

The pollen this season seems intense. My allergies are killing me. I got home from the track recently and pulled the NSX into the garage to inspect it. As I'm looking at the tires, I realize they're yellow; took me a second to realize that it was pollen from driving up the driveway!

Posted By: Dallas69

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 02:25 PM

Spring in Tx is very unpredictable at best.
Don't worry cause summer is close by.
Posted By: gfh77665

Re: Windy in Houston - 03/27/18 05:05 PM

About a generation ago, Texans were considered the toughest people on the planet. Now, especially the media in Houston has turned so many into "weather whiners". People around Houston complain like crazy if it hits 40 degrees. Add in any little drizzle at 40 or less and they shut the schools down. Insane.
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