Mahindra service fluids

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Mahindra service fluids - 10/10/18 10:30 AM

My friend has a Mahindra 8560 and we need to service it this fall. As good as the tractor is overall, the owner's manual is a bit lacking, TBH. The manual often refers to brand specific stuff (example: the power steering fluid recommends Mobil AW46 type fluid; we used the RK AW46 equivilant).

Looking to choose between a few THF fluids from RK; a very close supply of farm stuff.
Choices for THF:
or this ...

I realize staying away from "yellow pale" stuff is a priority, but either of these seems OK. What's the main difference between them, and would it make a difference in his Mahindra?
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 10/10/18 01:10 PM

As I tractor shop, it's stuff like this that makes me want to stay away from their brand. I know Im not answering your question, but this post just confirms my decision.

I will say the Roxor thing is pretty neat though. Test drove one about a month ago. 2 litre turbo diesel, 5 speed, front and rear D44's, rear leafs and BFG KO2's.

A company makes an orange tractor that has awesome parts support.
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 10/10/18 01:55 PM

I have owned two Kioti ag tractors, and have had similar issues with identifying correct fluids. The universal fluid with the J20C spec equivalent is the one I have used with success in my tractors. I know nothing about the differences in the Case/IH fluids vs the universal fluid with the J20C spec.
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 10/10/18 02:48 PM

IMO if he really works it as a field tractor, I'd just get name brand stuff. Shell, Chevron, etc. If he's stuck on RK he'll have to do the research on what odd spec Case had to warrant a separate THF. I think some Case's in the 70's had a weird automatic power shifting which may have needed a special fluid to hold together for the warranty period.
My Kioit dealer uses Chevron THF 1000 since Kioti doesn't sell a THF. I chose Petro Canada Duratran for its slightly better cold flow but still thick enough for summer use running near max hp for hours doing hay, also they publish a good set of specs, so its no mystery what you are getting. https://lubricants.petro-canada.com...M-7821E&type=TechData&lang=en-CA
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 11/28/18 03:50 AM


My dad has a 2538 HST from Mahindra, same challenge. The owners manual is very lacking.

We're about to change the THF and will be going with the Universal line from TSC. Note it does say it's compatible with Mahindra on the back of the label. I'm sure the universal stuff from RK probably does too and both likely have similar specs (pricing seems identical too).

Good luck!
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 11/28/18 10:45 AM

We (the owner and I) like the big Mahindra, but you've hit the nail on the head when you say the manual is lacking; very sparse info other than some pictures, torque values and some vague fluid specs (if stated at all).

These tractors are used world wide, and most of them don't get the love that we heap on stuff here in the States. I have a friend that did missionary work for several years and he often noted that the main fluid used in most ag equipment is "oil". What kind of oil? Whatever was handy! Engine oil in the UTF. UTF in the diffs. Gear oil in the crank case. Didn't matter; oil was oil to those folks. If it's anything but black colored (used) they will dump it in the fill hole, apparently. And yet most of those tractors continued to run; maybe not 100% as well as they should, but run none the less.

I have to think that a good UTF from TSC or RK will suffice.
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 11/28/18 09:27 PM

These HK/Mystic fluids are made/blended by CITGO and I can see no differences between the two as they appear to contain the same mixtures as part of the CITGO "Transgard/Trans-Hydraulic Fluid/Universal" series.

These universal trans-hydraulic fluids are designed to lubricate transmissions, differentials, final-drive planetary gears, wet-brakes and hydraulic systems of such equipment only.

Texaco 1000 THF is similar.

I would probably go with the HK Trans-Hydraulic Fluid/Universal.

Please note none of these fluids seem to carry any Mahindra references as to coverage.

It is unfortunate that the FF wasn't sampled upon delivery for a VOA.
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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 11/28/18 10:08 PM

I almost forgot to mention the Shell series of Universal THFs:

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Re: Mahindra service fluids - 11/29/18 02:27 AM

Also, and I am not sure why salesrep didn't respond, but Scheaffer Oil's #315 Simplex can be used in the Mahindra.

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