Home WiFI security camera (EUFY)

Posted By: henni

Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 08:09 AM

Stumbled on this video, anyone familiar with this product?
With Amazon reviews, hard to tell how many are real buyers and how many are sponsored reviews/employees.

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Re: Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 11:51 AM


try this site for review sniffing. there are a few others as well,
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Re: Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 01:18 PM

Punch a round hole in the middle of the black & out comes a pencil sharpener.
Open the lid to the waste basket-like thingy and out comes a white, scented 13gal bag.

That's a real odd-looking setup there. Looks to have a tail dating back to the early 1990s, with the 1990s wiring on the back cut off.
Posted By: Dave9

Re: Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 03:06 PM

Seems expensive for what it is, with a high cost per year due to using batteries in an outdoor environment. I would rather a POE or just run a 12V/whatever DC power feed to a different product if the location you want it in permits that. It also doesn't look vandal proof but I suppose it doesn't matter as much if mounted high enough, yet that could make it a pain to clean the lens.
Posted By: BrownBox88

Re: Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 04:43 PM

Expensive for what it is. I woujld get the Arlo system over that.

On the other hand, I have cameras from Zmodo and they work just fine. Nothing flashy and just what I need...HD picture, WiFi connectivity, quality iOS app and live remote viewing is top notch. Three cameras for $119 on Amazon. Better than any camera system you can get from big name security companies like ADT which I don't understand why people bother with them.
Posted By: David2431

Re: Home WiFI security camera (EUFY) - 05/27/19 05:37 PM

We have six Zmodo outdoor (4) and indoor (2) at a vacation home.

Very happy with these as is our neighbor, who also bought several.

Plug them in - link them to your wifi, and you're good to go. App installs on your smart phone and/or computer.

Purchased from Amazon three years ago.

Cloud service costs $4.99 monthly for the first cam and 1/2 that for all other cams.
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