Longevity of your Silverstars??

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Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 08:07 PM

Hey all!

Just wondering what the life span on your Silverstars have been? I have a set of "regular" Silverstars in my F-150 since 2008 that I swapped in on day one, and HAD a set in my commuter '97 Mercury Tracer wagon that has only lasted a little over a year. I'm not angry they lasted about a year as I put almost 30K miles a year on the little wagon, but was wondering what other people have gotten out of them? I got a deal on 9007 Silverstar Ultra's that I put in this morning I am hoping they are even better than regular Silverstars... we'll see
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 08:10 PM

I've had both the lows and highs in my chev for 6 or 7 years now.
I haven't used the truck as a daily driver in years though however they're still going.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 08:17 PM


Just wondering what the life span on your Silverstars have been?

Sucks. 9 months for me, but I drive most of the time with my lights on. My Toyota bulbs last for years.

I was in a jam when I purchased them and didn't have time to research. They are bright tho.

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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 08:30 PM

I put in Silverstar Ultra's about 2 years ago and they're also the same 9007. If you read the reviews some people claim that they die after a few months but mine are still going. I made sure to wear gloves while putting them in and didn't touch the bulb at all, just the base. The other thing is to keep your receipt, if they blow in less than a year, you just go get another. I think they might only be rated for 250 hours so I guess it just depends on how much you drive at night.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 08:52 PM

They are halogens and because they are stronger/brighter they dont last as long as OEM. Im at about a year on mine still working good. Nobody should buy em for longevity but brightness.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 09:30 PM

H1 bulbs in my Mazda?

Less than 6 months.

They allegedly have a one year warranty. Pep Boys does not honor it.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 09:46 PM

I put some in my ford and they didnt last 6 mos.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 09:50 PM

The brighter they are the quicker they burn out. Just read the life expectancy specs.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 10:07 PM

They go pretty quick in my neighbor's cars...
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/26/14 10:55 PM

I've had a set last over 2 years before. And those bulbs were transferred between 2 vehicles when I sold one and bought another. Haven't used Silverstars since, but I didn't have a short service life with my brief exposure to them, and I did a lot of night driving. Sorry if that sounds confusing smile
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/27/14 05:32 PM

I thought about getting some for my Jeep until I read they seem to have a poor lifespan for the majority of users. It's good to see others with decent luck though.

The girlfriend has them in her Volvo and have lasted for about 3 years.. She just complains about how dim they are.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/27/14 07:40 PM

Lasted about a year in my bike - that was about 3-4K miles.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/27/14 08:18 PM

Worst longevity bulbs I've ever used (h7).
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 02/28/14 05:24 PM

As I understand it, they burn hotter is why they don't last as long. I put the mid range versions on a Corolla I had and they last the year and a half to two years I had it. I didn't do a lot of night driving though and it lacked daytime running lights. They helped a lot at night vs the old cheap ones it had when I got the car.

I keep debating putting the sealed beam ones (H6024) for my van but I drive at night in the van so rarely I can't justify the cost when my headlights are both good. Storing extra sealed beams takes up a ton more space when I have to do so in the van. If one went out then i'd replace the pair with something better and keep the good one as a spare. I might go with the mid range ones again since they don't wash out what they are lighting as bad as the white light of silvers do based on the companies own comparison pictures. The mid range ones give yellow light which does a better job it seems like to me.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 03/05/14 07:07 AM

I put SilverStar Ultras in the xwife's car when we bought it...in May of 2007 and they are still working. Before anyone asks, yes she drives a lot at night.

Having said that, I wouldn't use them again as I found very little difference between them and the factory bulbs. They just aren't worth the high price. I Have GE Nighthawks cued up for next time. Daniel Stern recommends them...
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 03/05/14 12:33 PM

I have a set of H13 ultras in my Caravan that are going on 3 years with no problems and regular silverstar H4's in the Eclipse for over a year. I had major issues with the H1 silverstars for my old 2006 Mazda 6, I could never get over 6 months out of a silverstar H1 bulb.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 03/19/14 08:48 PM

As an update, the SilverStar Ultras are better than regular SilverStars... I can see a slight difference, especially peripherally. I have seen deer lurking on the shoulder of the road that I know I wouldn't have before. I can't see spending $50 for Ultras, but if you can get them on eBay in the $25 range they're worth it.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 03/25/14 08:35 PM

I installed Silverstars in my 2003 ION back in 2003, and they still worked when I sold the car in 2011.


I installed Silverstars in mom's 2002 Toyota Solara, and they only lasted 3 years.

I think headlight design means as much as the choice of bulb.

I put Silverstar Ultras in mom's 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee around 2006. Around 2010, they burned out, and I put in Silverstar ultras again. 2014, and they still work.

I have Silverstar Ultras in my Mitsubishi. I had them since 2011, and they still work fine in 2014.

I always read huge flame wars over Silverstar bulbs, but they make night driving easier for me. I love them and they are street legal, and that is all that matters to me.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 03/28/14 12:49 PM

Silverstars aren't rated to last for very long..

standard sylvania 9007 bulb is 500hrs low beams, 250hrs high beams.
silverstar ultra 9007 250hrs low beams, 100hrs high beams.
standard silverstar 9007 200hrs low beams, 75hrs high beams.

also for comparison a standard GE 9007 bulb 1100hrs low beams, 150hrs high beams
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 04/24/14 08:10 PM

US Silverstars are generally inferior to OEM bulbs. The bulbs are tinted blue to appear brighter, but they actually produce less light. By burning out quickly, they are actually doing you a favor. Go here and read before you waste your money on them again:

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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 04/25/14 06:49 AM

From all the complaints about them I have to field at work, I'd say you're lucky if you get a year out of a set.
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Re: Longevity of your Silverstars?? - 04/25/14 08:10 AM

Tried Ultra's 3 or 4 times and each time they didn't last like many mentioned. No more Silverstars for me.