Cartridge filter?

Posted By: Camprunner

Cartridge filter? - 09/23/18 03:23 AM

Are there any brands of cartridge filters I should avoid for my 2017 Lincoln 3.0 turbo? I usually use the Motorcraft but WM was out in my size so I bought a Fram cartridge. I am a bit worried about cartridge filter collapse with an aftermarket brand.
Posted By: StevieC

Re: Cartridge filter? - 09/23/18 03:27 AM

You are fine. Fram Ultra is actually a nice after market cartridge to use. I have also used Wix in the past for vehicles in the family with yearly drains.
Of all the cartridges I've seen they all look fine. Drive happy! thumbsup
Posted By: CR94

Re: Cartridge filter? - 09/23/18 05:10 AM

At last check, my Fram Tough Guard cartridge hadn't collapsed. The other two brands tried so far didn't either.
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