Lucas Oil Additives ???

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Lucas Oil Additives ??? - 06/26/02 01:39 AM

Anyone here familiar with Lucas Oil Additives, any history of use, any recommendations, any warnings, any FTC violations, and most important...


From visiting their website and reading the spec sheets it appears to me to be what my father refered to as "sawdust"... i.e. for use in worn out and damaged engines, gear boxes, t-boxes, etc.

Thank You in Advance!!! [Confused] [I dont know]

Re: Lucas Oil Additives ??? - 06/26/02 03:19 AM


Near the bottom of that page is a short video on ep additives lucas included.
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Re: Lucas Oil Additives ??? - 06/29/02 01:01 AM

I could not open that to see what they put in the Lucas oil additive but from what I have seen it would best be used in a worn out gear box or differential.
If I was to use a VI improver the STP 4 cylinder would be my choice for an engine. I would like to see a analysis of a dino oil ran for 5k with that additive in a newer GF3 oil like Mobil Dino for example or a test with the moly additve Sheaffer has

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Re: Lucas Oil Additives ??? - 06/29/02 12:54 PM

I think it was Bob who told me he thought that Lucas used "Bright Stock" in their stabilizer.

This is merely a super-thick petroleum oil ... and as Bob has said, it is often used as a "climbing" agent in gear oils.

STP is a polymer and would be more prone to shearing down.

Between the two, I'd trust the Lucas stuff more ... but you need to keep in mind it has no barrier agents of its own ... and it is 4-5 times the price of STP.
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Re: Lucas Oil Additives ??? - 07/05/02 04:35 AM

Well I guess I have a browser problem as I still cannot access to read the list of ingredients. I just left a independently owned auto parts store and a Truck Driver was in there buying some of this stuff saying it lowered his water temp 50 degrees!
I grew up with the guys that own the business,just wanted to take them something in print so they could compare with other additives.
Bob would you please post these ingredients for me Sir? I said Sir! [Smile]
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