Halstead Kansas

Posted By: Marco620

Halstead Kansas - 03/15/19 10:32 PM

Check out these huge gates to keep a small army out. I'm out here hunting ghosts and spirits at the cemetery tonight.

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Posted By: bobbobtar

Re: Halstead Kansas - 03/15/19 11:56 PM

Flood control, look at the size of those berms.
Posted By: NO2

Re: Halstead Kansas - 03/16/19 01:13 AM

They are prepared for the Zombie apocalypse.
Posted By: Kruse

Re: Halstead Kansas - 03/16/19 01:36 AM

Quick question....and I try to have an open mind on all subjects.
How many spirits and ghosts have you bagged in your lifetime and is Halstead, Kansas a hot spot for spirits?
Posted By: Marco620

Re: Halstead Kansas - 03/16/19 02:32 AM

Bagged? Zero. Been around a long time figure its worth a shot. Btw, beer at Casey Gas Station on clearance since full strength is coming in soon. I'm on the wagon but if you know anyone looking for suds.
Posted By: MolaKule

Re: Halstead Kansas - 03/16/19 09:44 PM

Halstead Ks. Tornado bait. grin2

Yep, Arkansas River flood control near BSNF Railroad tracks.
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