Check your Oil (SMA YouTube Video)

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Check your Oil (SMA YouTube Video) - 04/18/19 07:37 PM

Check your oil.

Apparently, customer added 3 quarts of oil before it came in, and he added another quart.

Check your oil....
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Re: Check your Oil (SMA YouTube Video) - 04/18/19 11:25 PM

They had no "Oil Level" warning sensor dashboard light on the 2005 Subaru's. I noticed they do on 2017 models though. Nice to have !
Still, you'd think the owner might have seen an oil pressure low warning anyway.
I guess people figure, "It works until it don't."

Can 'o STP and it'll fix it right up. Git-r-done....
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Re: Check your Oil (SMA YouTube Video) - 04/19/19 11:56 AM

I'm still surprised that oil level monitoring isn't a more common thing, especially since 1qt/1k is "ok" even with a motor that they recommend 10k OCI's on. smirk2 Just how much could it possible cost to check? Even if it was only valid before starting. shrug

But some people would just ignore that light too. There will always be someone showing that nothing is idiot proof.
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