06 Chrysler 300c Radiator

Posted By: Redright9

06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 04:46 AM

Well after many years of living in the desert the radiator cracked in my 2006 Chrysler 300c 5.7. Where should I look for its replacement and what coolant is needed for it?

Posted By: sloinker

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 05:01 AM

The 100k mile pink stuff from the dealer. Change the thermostat at the same time. Check ebay/Amazon/Rockauto for best price.
Posted By: Chris142

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 05:04 AM

Oe coolant is G-05. Motorcraft gold is the same just a different color. The valvoline brand is clear like water.
Posted By: bullwinkle

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 01:42 PM

radiators.com has good prices too-use Mopar red, Zerex G-05, or Motorcraft Premium Gold, they're all interchangeable, many times a sympathetic Ford dealer has the best price. Don't tell them it's a Chrysler...
Posted By: HoosierJeeper

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 02:58 PM

Mopar rad, tstat and water pump. Zerex G05 or Mopar coolant (make sure the mopar stuff isn't purple, 2013+ is OAT, you need HOAT).
Posted By: Redright9

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/02/20 04:27 PM

Thank you for the help
Posted By: nthach

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/03/20 06:40 PM

If you can afford it, OEM Mopar radiator, unless Hella Behr or Nissens sells a radiator. The Chinese or Taiwanese ones vary in quality. TYC/Koyorad and Spectra Premium seems like the better of those.

Stick to G-05. The Mopar HOAT is orange in color, while Motorcraft Premium Gold is yellowish. The gold bottle Zerex is clear, so it's not a bad idea to use a coolant tester or refracto/hydrometer to verify concentration. Mix it with distilled water. CA does have hard water unless you live in SF/LA/Tahoe or the EBMUD district.
Posted By: Redright9

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/20/20 12:28 AM

Thank you everyone for the help, and it has been a big help.. I did get a MOPAR replacement radiator. Found a good price and the part I wanted. My 300C has the 5.7l in it, but found the radiator for the 6.1l drops right in and is 0.4" wider! I did also go with Zerex G05 HOAT coolant. So far so good!
Posted By: dlundblad

Re: 06 Chrysler 300c Radiator - 02/22/20 11:53 AM

You did good with the Mopar radiator. I needed one in a pinch for my Jeep so I bought one at AAP. Unlike the OE part, this one is only a single row.

Not so much an issue for me in the Midwest, but I can see it really making a difference in the desert. I also added a mechanical fan on top of the factory e fan.
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