Kmart..Valvoline Wiper Blades $1.95

Posted by: Warstud

Kmart..Valvoline Wiper Blades $1.95 - 07/28/14 07:30 PM

Valvoline Wiper Blades $1.95 and up. Maxlife High Mileage Wiper Blades-Out Of Stock.,%20blades%20%26%20replacements&Valvoline?filter=Brand&catalogId=10104&previousSort=ORIGINAL_SORT_ORDER&viewItems=50&storeId=10151
Posted by: KD0AXS

Re: Kmart..Valvoline Wiper Blades $1.95 - 07/28/14 09:23 PM

High mileage wipers? Are these only for windshields with over 75,000 miles? If I have my windshield replaced, do I have to go back to regular wipers?