White Honda paint needs a little help

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White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 05:15 AM


Who or what do you all like for white paint? Iíve used Poor Boys Blackhole in dark charcoal Toyota paint before and it worked awesome, I then threw some 3m Performance Finish on top to keep it nice all year, but the white paint on my Honda, while still looking good for its age, has some mild oxidation and haziness/staining. Anyone tried Diamond White by PB? I want to get it REALLY shiny and looking new this summer, of course 3m will go on top to seal it in.

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Re: White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 07:40 AM

If its the 05 in your signature, it is probably the beginnings of the clear coat failing. Common problem with Honda's paint unfortunately.
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Re: White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 10:45 AM

2005, hmm, that might even be single stage being white. Regardless a quick polish might do the trick before the glaze. I would try Poorboy's Pro Polish and follow with White Diamond, then a sealant such as EX-P. Pro Polish is pad dependent, so start with a fine pad and medium speed. Pro Polish has worked great for me on white, so I've never had to try White Diamond
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Re: White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 11:08 AM

Fortunately your is not clear coated, Taffeta white and San Marino red were single stage in 05. Now that is cleared up the best way to address this on one of Honda's thinnest paints ever.


I usually use 3M and rotary tools only but in this case Meguiar's has some good products and a DA is definitely the way to go.
You will need a lot finesse with this or it will burn through with ease. Keep it slow and moving to keep it cool, don't try to remove scratches you will probably end up needing to paint the panel or do a touch up blend.

First wash the car properly, use Dawn liquid to strip old wax, grit guard, separate mitt for the lower panels and a separate bucket and mitt/wheel brush for the wheels.
Clay the car with a fine clay bar and plenty of lube. Wash the car again and dry it.

Use a DA on a slower speed with a Meguiar's DMC6 micro fiber cutting pad/bonnet and Meguiar's D30216 DA Microfiber Polish keeping it wet and moving so as not to create much heat.

Wash the car again to remove any traces of polish, the point is to prevent anything getting into the open paint pores. Oxidation is dead paint and can stain or absorb contaminates easily. I don't like dedicated sealer products for this type of issue, it sometimes seems to exacerbate the problem.
Dry the car and with a DA and black no cut pad apply Meguiar's G6107 White Wax Paste, this is the best wax I have ever used on a white car, buff it to a high shine and give it as many more coats as you want, it looks better every time and does a nice job of sealing the paint with no problems.

That's how I do Taffeta white if I repaint a panel and do the rest of the car, others may use other products but for me these work amazingly well and are safe for the thin paint. Link to the products. I hope you find this helpful.




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Re: White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 06:21 PM

Wow thanks again to the BITOG brain trust, I really appreciate it and definitely will plan on attacking it soon. Yeah as far as I know there is no CC on it, but all the rain and mold tends to find its way into everything up here in the PNW
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Re: White Honda paint needs a little help - 06/06/18 06:34 PM

PB White Diamond is every bit as good as Black Hole. Lots of good advice in thread esp from Trav. I think my 94 Civic was taffeta white also. It seemed to turn flat/matte if not waxed regularly. Esp being outside most of the time.
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