Did I starve my top end of oil?

Posted By: cwilliamsws6

Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 02:00 PM

This happened over a year ago but it still bugs me.

So one day I was driving and out of the blue my car throws a CEL and goes into limp mode. Wouldn't go over 2,500(?) RPM and if I tried to a rev limiter would kick in and the car would buck.

I pulled the code and it read as a bad oil pressure sensor so I replaced that, and the issue was fixed but only for about 6 hours.

Pulled off the VTEC solenoid and the mesh screen the oil passes through was plugged with so much sludge that you could not see any light through it. Got a new one and a replacement gasket from the local dealer's parts house for like $2 and I was back on the road, no actual problems since.

I don't know if I'm just paranoid but I swear my engine has gotten a lot of top end rattle since this all happened. When idling, my car sounds like a sewing machine but it smooths out once I get moving.

The low oil pressure light flashes briefly when starting my car after having it parked overnight on my fairly steep driveway (or any type of incline pretty much) but if I start it after being parked on a flat surface for a long time (like the parking lot at my school or work) it doesn't do that. I've verified the oil is at the correct level and there are no leaks.

Also, two oil changes have happened since this day and both times I didn't notice any metal in the oil or anything of that nature.

Am I overthinking this??
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Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 02:08 PM

You replaced the oil pressure sensor and VTEC bits. Just drive it.

Be prepared for gloom and doom scenarios though....
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Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 02:15 PM

Keep it topped with oil and just drive it at this point.
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Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 02:38 PM

Top end?


But that VTEC actuator didn’t get any oil for a while.

Drive it until that breaks/leaks.
Posted By: JC1

Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 02:54 PM

To the OP what make and model of car is this along model year and mileage? Sounds like a Honda due to your VTEC reference.

Maybe take it out for an Italian tune-up and see if it quiets down afterwards. What weight of oil are you using? Have you ever removed the valve covers to see the condition of the motor?

You probably are overthinking it.
Posted By: JLTD

Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/26/19 03:15 PM

I had a car that would clatter horribly on startup when parked tail uphill. Parking nose uphill solved the issue.
Posted By: benjy

Re: Did I starve my top end of oil? - 11/28/19 12:36 AM

yes surely lacking details! hondas are not the bulletproof cars they once were
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