C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof

Posted by: Ndx

C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/09/14 04:51 PM

Hi Guys,

I have a friend that is looking to buy a car battery charger .. He wants something dummy proof ...
He asked me a good question what would happen if he plugged RED+ and BL- lead together to one battery post ...

I believe that C-Tek have a short protection and no damage would be done to his electrical system.
This is really not something that is easily done but I just wanted to share and hear opionions

PS, I recommended C-Tek ... as I'm super happy with my ...
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Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/09/14 05:16 PM

I'm not sure that plugging both clamps on one post should be looked at because if you are basing your charger decision on this, then why even bother buying a charger.

I like the Optimate series of chargers. Never had an issue and it is fully automatic and adjusts automatically to decipher between AGM and wet cell.
Posted by: HTSS_TR

Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/09/14 05:47 PM

I don't have answer for that question either. I know that some chargers detect wrong polarity(+ to - and - to +) and will flash some warning light and will not cause any damage to the battery and/or charger itself.

If he may accidentally hook up both charger clamps to either positive or negative terminal then he should not touch anything under the hood.
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Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/09/14 05:55 PM

I agree smile on all points ... but was wondering about this as C Tek says in manual that it has short protection.

Thx guys...
Posted by: Donald

Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/09/14 06:01 PM

I do not think you need to buy a C Tek to get this kind of feature. Most smart chargers can do this.

I agree, if he manages to clamp both clamps to same battery terminal, he would sure to get a job at JiffyLube.
Posted by: Volvohead

Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/10/14 06:48 PM

C-tek is pretty bulletproof as tender/chargers go.

They should be, as MB and Porsche slapped their own name on them and doubled the price as approved accessories.

If it's a vehicle that will be connected regularly, get the charge indicator plug installed.
Posted by: Tdbo

Re: C-Tek chargers / Dummy proof - 06/10/14 08:11 PM

CTEK is about as bulletproof and easy to use as one can find.
I use one on my Mustang when it is stored in the winter.
Anyone who could screw up the installation of a CTEK has no business driving a car in the first place.