Camry transmission strainer

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Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 03:36 AM

Due for the 30K drain and fill. The "filter" is described as a strainer by Toyota parts look up diagram https://parts.conicellitoyotaofconshohoc...nsmission-scat.

Is it necessary to R+R as part of the 30K drain and fill? How much ATF ? I 'm thinking of Max Life for Asian cars. TIA.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 03:44 AM

That does look like a replaceable filter/strainer. Is there any mention in a service schedule for when to drop the pan to change it?

If there's no service schedule info and if this is the first drain and fill, I'd be tempted to replace it in case it caught anything large from the wear-in of the transmission. After that maybe every other drain and fill (60k interval).

Unsure about how much ATF. Do you have a dipstick or just a fill port?
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 04:02 AM

You usually never have to replace a transmission filter. Most of the exceptions have a spin-on can, like engine oil filters.

Maxlife is an awesome ATF. Pour in as much as you drained out. Hardware stores, and some auto parts stores, have special buckets with lines to measure for about $5.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 05:32 AM

Two dealers told me if your getting rid of the car before 250k miles dont touch the trans, if not then drop the pan every 100k and refill with 4 qt. of WS fluid. The fill hole is behind the drivers side front wheel inter fender ,see a 24mm bolt with WS printed on it,good luck and allow at least 3 hr.if you are doing the dump and fill for the first time.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 05:36 AM

Adjusting the fluid level can be quite difficult on these cars, even when you have the proper tools.

I recommend leaving it alone.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 09:24 AM

I had a 98 sienna with the strainer setup. I replaced it three times. You can try to clean the grey film off of it when the pan is dropped.

To me dropping the pan is more important to get that goop out. I also added some extra rare earth magnets in the pan.

Maxlife is the way to go as well.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 11:55 AM

Just have the dealer do it. It might cost a bit more, but you have the assurance it will be done right. And even if it isn't, you will have recourse. Not to mention you know you will be getting the proper fluid installed, along with the right amount. If you mess it up yourself, you will be on your own. I'm not seeing this as a job worth trying to do yourself.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 01:13 PM

In all the Toyota’s I’ve owned and / or maintained, I went ahead and replaced the trans filter because it was a simple process and the replacement filter was cheap (usually under $15 non oem). Never had a problem. Since yours is still newer w low mileage, u can leave the filter and just do a drain fill w oem fluid. Let dealer do it if still in warranty
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 02:20 PM

That filter seems to have the typical coarse AT filter material, but it is pleated rather than just a flat pad.

From Rockauto:

On my two current vehicles, I did some pan drains and then changed the filter between 30 and 36,000, and have done regular drain & fills. Both have drain plugs and dipsticks. I added a Magnefine to the '01 Silverado but do more frequent changes on the '10 Vibe--its original fluid looked realy bad and a UOA of the second pan drain had high aluminum.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 06/12/18 02:25 PM

Originally Posted By: The Critic
Adjusting the fluid level can be quite difficult on these cars, even when you have the proper tools.
I recommend leaving it alone.

Quite so! Also due to thermal expansion one MUST MAKE SURE, that the fluid coming out & the fluid going in are at the same temperature, otherwise the volumes will not be the same.
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 07/01/18 01:22 PM

I had an 87 Camry.First time I changed the fluid according to the 30K recommendation I dropped the pan.The strainer was perfectly clean and so was the bottom of the pan.That was the last time I did that in over 300K miles with that car.All I did after that was drain and refills.Back then the Camry trans had a drain plug,not sure what you have in yours.The main point is those trans's are really good,I had no issues in over 300k miles.Compare that to a 92 dodge caravan 3 spd. auto I had.Trans was rebuilt at 25k under warranty.Did a pan drop and filter change after that and the bottom of the pan was filled with black "mud".
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 07/01/18 02:24 PM

The newer transmissions have a unique way to set the level. Pl. read up or there is an Youtube video explaining the level plug.

A 2016 Camry needs nothing to be done to the transmission, leave the WS fluid there for 60K miles and then do a return line flush with measuring what comes out and what goes in. All this is done on a cold engine.

Enjoy the ride until then and never ever have to drop the pan (for all its worth you will not find anything out of the ordinary on those stainers)..
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Re: Camry transmission strainer - 07/02/18 01:37 PM

I did a '03 Corolla w/125K and a '06 Outback w/95K with the transmission cooler line flush and by dropping pans and replacing screen strainers on both. I will be doing my '15 Sienna w/15K this summer. Because I towed max capacity of 3500lbs from MA to TX, this is considered "special conditions" thus my early service. I chose to disregard Toyota's statement of WS fluid lifetime fluid and will likely follow 50-60K regular change intervals right after. I believe your Camry shares the same transmission as my Sienna, U660E? The transmission mfg states the felt strainer is "free from maintenance" but I am electing to replace regardless since I am already dropping the pan and cleaning the magnets with any ferrous gunk stuck to it so mine as well. Total capacity is 6.94qts but that includes fluid in the torque converter so I am also performing the cooler line flush to try to get as much out. Capacity states 3.1qts only if you remove pan too. Likely significantly less if you just perform drain and fill, via the drain/overflow plug. I recall seeing some youtube videos and people were getting < 2qts so for me, I'd rather do it right and get more out. I am also using OEM mfg fluids just like my previous vehicles because the technique of refilling requires the atf to be between 104-113F and observing steady slow dripping from the overflow plug with the fill tube attached and vehicle perfectly leveled. You may need to verify if your Camry has a different temp range. Checking temp via the OBD connector with a scanner is ideal or maybe the Scan gauge performance modules is another option. I know my model doesn't have the convenient built-in atf temp dash indicator like the newer 4-runner and Tacomas have. I am taking a calculated risk that fluid level was filled properly at factory and will carefully replace the exact amount that I removed from the vehicle so hopefully 10qts will be enough since I don't plan on investing in those scanners mentioned above just yet. Hope this helps.
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