Motul 4100 15W50

Posted By: Bustaknuckle

Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 02:14 AM

MB 501 01/505 00

Batch Date: 05 09 18

Batch : 46146M1

Analysis by Blackstone

Intended application - 1982 Porsche SC - original 3.0 Flat Six

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Posted By: Snagglefoot

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 02:59 AM

Here you go. smile

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Posted By: Bustaknuckle

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 03:05 AM

were you able to open the report? any surprises?
Posted By: Bailes1992

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 11:50 AM

Viscosity out of specification? Didn't expect that for a Motul oil.
Posted By: sunruh

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 02:28 PM

susvis of 96 !!! ???

its closer to 60wt than 50wt!!!

mighty odd
Posted By: FordCapriDriver

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 01/31/20 02:43 PM

I think i'll buy myself a couple of jugs of it.
Posted By: Bustaknuckle

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 02/01/20 01:16 AM

Bailes - i am stumped with that comment as well. ESP since the viscosity levels or index numbers puts the oil dead on for a 50W.

Viscosity Charts
Posted By: LeoStrop

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 02/03/20 06:57 PM

Always stout!

This sample was posted by @SubieRubyRoo , with very similar results: https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/foru...e/motul-4100-power-15w50-voa#Post4981524

I am willing to try this oil, but i think that [email protected]°C might be a bit overkill. I think i will stay with my HDEO choice instead, it has almost the same add pack and i can get it cheaper from 20m of my door.
Posted By: SubieRubyRoo

Re: Motul 4100 15W50 - 03/02/20 10:43 PM

Leo, I was going to post that as well. This stuff is super thick, and looks like I should have shaken my jug a little longer before sampling since it was done in January '19. I can sub this in my hydrostats in my ZT mower it's so thick!
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