Federated auto parts synthetic

Posted By: troutfisher

Federated auto parts synthetic - 06/12/18 03:24 AM

My local parts store federated,locally owned run by super nice people

Anyways they have 5 quart jugs of 5w-30 syn for $19.99,anyone ever use federated oil? Who makes it?

Currently Use Mobil in 4.3 Chevy just looking for something cheaper and I go there anyways to get the Hastings oil filters at 5.00 each.

Posted By: bbhero

Re: Federated auto parts synthetic - 06/12/18 03:51 AM

Warren Distribution makes the oil for Federated Auto. I have run it in my Altima 3.5 VQ and was very pleased with it. It is Dexos gen 2 approved which means it is obviously a good product. It has the same Dexos approval number as Mag-1.. So it is rather likely it is the same oil in those Federated Auto containers. It has a lot of 200 plus of boron, 80 of molybdenum, 1300 of calcium, and 590 of magnesium. NOACK is around 12% I believe.

I like the guys up there at the Federated Auto near Richmond. I'm going back up there to get more of the Federated Auto full synthetic oil for my car. The lady's Camry runs very quiet on the Federated Auto synthetic blend as well. Getting more of that too.
Posted By: BJD78

Re: Federated auto parts synthetic - 06/12/18 12:29 PM

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) test results on Federated motor oil reveal that both their conventional and synthetic are good oils. PQI
Posted By: barkingspider

Re: Federated auto parts synthetic - 06/12/18 01:19 PM

I would buy from your local parts people because they are nice people and I would use that oil because itís good oil
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