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#61882 - 01/06/04 06:53 PM Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
Patman Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
Posts: 20272
Loc: Oakville, Ontario
I'm posting this in this section instead of the General section because it definitely has a lot to do with lubrication.

I just wanted to see how many people here have over 150,000 miles on their original engines, to see what kind of oil you've been using and what kind of intervals.

We talk about a lot of different oils on here, and critique a lot of UOAs, but the absolute best way to find out if any particular routine works, is to look at those people who have had success with it by getting long life from their engine! That is truly what we are all trying to achieve here.

So if you've owned your car since new (or at least know the exact prior history of it from new), please step in and give us your input!

I think this could be a very interesting topic!

#61883 - 01/06/04 07:08 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
ToyotaNSaturn Offline

Registered: 04/11/03
Posts: 11279
Loc: Spring Hill, TN
1991 Saturn SOHC base model, 185K when I sold it back in 1999. The engine had another 200K left in it. Never burned or leaked anything...rock solid.

The first half of my ownership, I change the oil every 2K with Fram filters. The dealer I worked for gave free bulk oil (Motorcraft) for it's employees cars. Nice benefit!

The last half of my ownership was 3K OCI at the local dealer or a decent(!) local oil change shop. I was an uninformed consumer way back then! [Smile]

AFAIK, the car is still racking up miles. In fact the local Saturn dealer put it on their showroom floor for a few months to show that Saturns can easily last as long as any other quality import. Still looked brand new after 8 years! [Smile]

#61884 - 01/06/04 07:13 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
tenderloin Offline

Registered: 12/16/02
Posts: 6506
Loc: Huntington Beach, CA
97 Ford Aerostar extended AWD. 4.0L 212,470 miles. Raised on mostly Synergyn and Torco oils, 5,000 mile intervals using K&N, Motorcraft, Bosch, STP filters plus a few odds and ends.

Synergyn oils additive fist 75,000 miles. Rislone "add anytime" approx. 700 miles before oil change. This engine burns no noticable oil.

Been using GC last 3 changes and will probably finish out on this oil (engine loves the stuff, and I have "ample" stock LOL)

BTW, previous Aerostar 3.0L had over 300,000 miles on very similar combinations

[ January 07, 2004, 11:16 AM: Message edited by: tenderloin ]

#61885 - 01/06/04 07:20 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
cryptokid Offline

Registered: 02/01/03
Posts: 1565
Loc: palm beach
an old subaru. 205,000 when the radiator went out and overheated the engine. untill then it was going strong, using no oil between 3K changes, of the cheapest oil i could find.
rebuilt the engine and the original pistons speced out fine , so i re used them along with most everything else.

my benz i got rid of with over 400,000 on it, original everything, i didnt even use diesel oil, just whatever the cheapest current api grade i could find. them 240D engines are literally bullet proof. that car was sold to my friend who ran it for a bunch more years and finally the car was falling apart, but the engine workd great still. we blew the engine by installing direct port ether injection and revved it in neutral!

my dads vw turbo diesel truck has over 250K and still going strong on whatever the cheapest oil he can find. he isnt using diesel oil either!

it really makes me wonder why i put pennzoil long life in my current car. this website sure changed me.

#61886 - 01/06/04 07:36 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
haley10 Offline

Registered: 12/28/03
Posts: 2768
Loc: Tn
1989 Buick Century, 200,000 mi.
Castrol GTX 5W-30, AC-Delco filter
Recently sold it, no oil consumption
ran like new. 3.3L V6

1987, Mitsubishi Mighty Max P/U
2.0L, 162,000K miles
Texaco Havoline 10W-40, various filters
Currently owned, switched to Syntec 10W-30
@ 150K

#61887 - 01/06/04 07:37 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
slalom44 Offline

Registered: 10/26/03
Posts: 801
Loc: Granville, Ohio
I've got 197,000 miles on my '95 Toyota Corolla, with a 1.8L engine. At 120,000 miles, it was put on a diet of SuperTech 10W30 with SuperTech filters every 3-4000 miles, but I used Chevron Supreme the last two oil changes. Before 120,000 miles, the lady that owned it changed the oil with 5W30 every 4-5000 miles at a local Jiffy-Lube type place.

The car has had no engine problems, no leaks, but is starting to consume about 1 quart every 2000 miles.

#61888 - 01/06/04 07:39 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
TooManyWheels Offline

Registered: 02/21/03
Posts: 3760
Loc: Houston, Tex
86 Chevy Pickup, 305 engine, 180K. 3-4K changes, but sometimes as long as 5K, whatever name brand dino oil was on sale in 10W-40 weight. Was overheated at least once and stuck the rings, but A-RX is currently helping that situation considerably.

#61889 - 01/06/04 07:49 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
satterfi Offline

Registered: 06/20/02
Posts: 903
Loc: CA
88 Honda CRX, 204,000 miles, M1 15w50 every 7,500 miles.

Recently switched to RL 10w40.

#61890 - 01/06/04 07:53 PM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
V6 Diesel Offline

Registered: 10/27/02
Posts: 144
Loc: Michigan, outside Lansing
1986 Olds Delta 88, 3.8L V6, 1st year for the fwd Delta's. Used Valvoline 10w-30 with changes about every 3,000 miles. Sold it still running good at 215K miles. Always used a quart every 3k miles from new until I sold it.

1991 Caprice, 5.7L V8. Police use first 87k miles with records showing changes every 4 to 5k miles. From 87k to 220k miles Castrol Syntec 5w-50 with changes every 7k to 9k miles. Now at 240k miles running Mobil 1 10w-30 with 10k changes. Oil consumption is basically nil for 10k miles

#61891 - 01/07/04 08:00 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
MRC01 Offline

Registered: 06/04/03
Posts: 606
Loc: 98245
1990 Honda Civic, 150,000 miles, original owner. I've changed the oil every 5,000 miles using the cheapest dino juice I could find. I recently switched from 10w40 to 10w30 oil and it now gets slightly better fuel economy.

The car runs like new and does not burn or leak oil.

#61892 - 01/07/04 08:04 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
Mike242GT Offline

Registered: 05/25/03
Posts: 401
Loc: Largo, FL
I have six cars with over 150K, but they're all Volvo 240/740/940 cars with the red block engine, so that doesn't count; they're barely broken in at 150K. At any rate, I've used various conventional oils, mostly Havoline, Kendall and Castrol GTX in past years, although now primarily Valvoline (Premium Blue 15W-40) and Chevron (10W-30 Supreme, 15W-40 Delo). One car is in semi-long term storage and has Amsoil 15W-40 Marine in it. My wife's 940 (turbo) is the only one being run on synthetic, GC 0W-30 at the moment, with a Mann W917 filter. All the others are running Motorcraft FL-1As or the Supertech equivalent (ST-8, I think). I generally use a six month or 4,500 mile OCI, whichever comes first.

#61893 - 01/07/04 08:21 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
STSinNYC Offline

Registered: 11/16/03
Posts: 223
Loc: New York, NY
1987 Honda Accord (just recently sold it), 165K miles. Dino 5W-30 its whole life. Didn't burn any and MPG was as good as it was 100K miles ago.

#61894 - 01/07/04 08:22 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
SSDude Offline

Registered: 12/14/03
Posts: 1488
Loc: Los Angeles
I have a 1990 Chevy Cavilier Z24. I put 250,000 miles on it. I ran Mobile 1 10w-30 in it. During the first half of its life I changed oil every 3,000 miles. Then I got sloppy and changed oil every 5,000-7,000 miles. A head gasket finally blew and it now sits in my back yard. [Mad]

#61895 - 01/07/04 08:24 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
Bob Woods Offline

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 1342
Loc: North of Dallas Texas
1988 S10 with 4.3 engine, 226000 miles, AC filters, the cheapest 10W40 oil (Walmart) I can buy changed at 3K, still runs great, no oil use. This truck spent the early years dragging a 4000 lb RV thru the mountians of Colorado, I used Mobil 1 when towing. The engine has never been worked on except for TBI gaskets, alternator, starter and ignition system

[ January 07, 2004, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: Bob Woods ]

#61896 - 01/07/04 08:27 AM Re: Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in
pinoy99 Offline

Registered: 02/10/03
Posts: 353
Loc: somewhere in Jersey
99 Isuzu Trooper
V6 DOHC 3.5L AWD/RWD/4x4 4sp Auto
160K+ miles

5w30 & 10w30 synthetic(M1 or Castrol) or cheap dino early on with OCI of 3-5k;have been using 40 weight at about 130k with same OCI. Mostly Purolator brand oil filters. Open oiled hi-flow cone air filter.

Daily driver with occasional off-highway use. Oversized tires(33" vs oem 29")from 10k on and lower gear ratio(5.38 vs oem 4.3) since 60k.

There seems to be an oil ring design issue which causing sticky rings thus producing blowby and consumption;otherwise wear trend is normal(based on UOA's).

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