Note the packaging is exactly as described above and not the 0W30 ECT C2/C3 although it may be the same oil. I picked this oil up really cheap @ £1.19 per litre (US$1.50) and suspect it may be an end of line item replaced by the C2/C3 - this is unconfirmed. I'm also including for reference an extract from the manufacturer's TDS in German but should be self-explanatory; I could not locate one in English. This oil has just gone into the Mini and C class so I plan on doing a UOA on both of those in the next ~10 months.

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'15 Merc C300 diesel hybrid, Shell Helix Ultra 0W30 ECT C3
'13 Ford Fiesta 1.25, Shell Helix Ultra 5W30AG
'17 Audi R8 V10, Motul 8100 X-Clean+ 5W30
'19 Mini JCW, Shell Helix Ultra 0W30 ECT C3