I have a 1997 Toyota Carina E with 1.6 4A-FE engine. I think it's very similiar to 4A-FE from US spec Corollas and other Toyotas. Now there's a blue coolant in the system and I'd like to change it, as previous owner probably did it for the last time in 2007. In manual there's a statement "use TOYOTA RADIATOR CONDITIONER or it's equivalent", without any spec or something like that.

So can I use VW G13 spec coolant? I think it's the best coolant on the market right now and theoratically you can mix it with any coolant (IAT and OAT), and I'm also going to flush the entire cooling system before filling it up again, but just to be absolutely sure - is it OK to use G13 here? And do you have an exact spec of Toyota coolant used in European Toyotas back then? Is it the same as one used in USDM and JDM cars?

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