Went to Portland last week to visit our younger son, who moved there in January.
I looked at various flights and settled on DAY-ORD-PDX. The other option with realistic cost and time in transit would have involved connecting through DIA.
We departed 11/26.
Had we flown through DEN on 11/26, we would have been screwed had we even gotten there due to snow. Had we flown the following day through ORD we would have been equally screwed had we even left DAY.
I planned a trip that I thought would work and we got lucky in that it did.
We even had cute little ERJs to and from ORD and got pretty decent fares.
I'll post about the Evergreen Air and Space Museum if anyone is interested as well as our new Malibu rental if anyone is curious about this perfectly okay car.
There's also Powell's bookstore, a real treasure.
Wife and I enjoyed the trip as well as Portland and it was great to see our son and spend time with him and his girl. Portland is a nice city to visit although it does have some awful traffic.
Should have gone during the summer, though. It was pretty chilly although not really cold and while areas around Portland got plenty of snow we saw no more than a trace in the city.
Not as though it would be something new to any Ohio resident, though.

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