I got this car last year to replace my '09 Jetta TDI which VW bought back. I got if from the second owner who had all maintenance records.

2003 Golf TDI 5MT
178.5K miles
Malone Stage II tune w/ Bosio PP520 Nozzles
Car also has SMF conversion and SB stage II clutch.
Sport suspension w/ Koni struts, not lowered though.
Driven spiritedly when warmed up. Car makes light smoke @ 3,000+ RPM
EGR is intact and functional, however turned down to minimum setting by adaptation in VCDS.

Avg. lifetime MPG is 44.6 hand calculated on Fuelly app.
Fuel additive is Amalgamated TDR-FL dosed @ 10 ml/Gallon of fuel https://www.amalgamatedinc.com/tdr-fl.aspx

-Oil was in the sump for a year and 11.2K miles
-Bosch Premium 3977 (Made in China) Filter
-Oil was RLI Biosyn HD Low Ash 10w40 (10w30 and 15w40 blend)
-Analysis includes VOA baseline
-Sample was pulled with sample pump while car was hot and running.

Even though the TBN is still there it appears to have thickened up. Early signs of oxidation?
Wear is low except for LEAD. Not sure why...
Also ran this 10w40 oil in my 2.8 Duramax and it did great @ 8k miles. Maybe 11K is too much for Biosysn.
4.8 qt sump, one qt oil added
Manganese and LOW SOOT @ 0.2%. This is from the TDR-FL additive which I believe contains MMT. This stuff works great at increasing combustion efficiency, it has reduced measurable soot in my last two UOAs by almost 75%. It takes about 5K miles before the oil will begin to get dark when using TDR-FL. Can't say enough good things about this stuff because it actually works!

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