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2019 Prius AWD-e underbody shots #5169234 07/23/19 08:09 PM
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eljefino Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Jun 2003
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Mostly disappointing! Went underneath to survey things out. Wanted to find better lift points than the rocker lips. Car seems to have "frame rails" like the 2005 style, they're just hidden above the plastic cladding. Don't take my word as gospel, but above the letters on the plastic about 8-10 inches forward of the rear fender seems to be a decent spot.

The plastic front air dam where it extends in front of the front fenders is particularly cheesy. I can see this getting blown to bits the first decent snow. frown

The factory oil filter seems to have Vaseline for a lube. The coarse-threaded screws for the trap door don't seem long for this world-- they're very cheap.

The rear suspension and subframe are a pretty impressive feat of engineering. I have doubts about its rustproofing and will spend a particular amount of time fluid-filming this come Octvember.

Spin on oil filter with adapter. They went away from the cartridge filter as a running change.

Tons of underbody shields-- and it's thin, cheap plastic.

Good news is the front corners are easily serviced. I particularly like the huge hex-headed bolts for wheel bearing service vs the stupid torx/allen fasteners that crumble to rust on other cars.

An expensive looking exhaust

I'm looking for somewhere to put my lift pads that isn't under the rocker panels. There seems to be a unibody "frame rail" above the plastic where the letters are. This is also directly aft of the huge bolts attaching the front subframe to the firewall.

At least the charcoal canister isn't above the gas tank anymore, making it easier to service.

A shot of the 7 hp rear electric motor. One should be sure to find the fill hole before draining it!

A shot of the rear subframe and part of the multi-link suspension.

Re: 2019 Prius AWD-e underbody shots [Re: eljefino] #5169269 07/23/19 08:51 PM
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14Accent Offline
Joined: Aug 2017
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I actually had to replace an exhaust that looked a lot like that on a Highlander Hybrid. That funky looking thing with the coolant hoses is a heat exchanger, and it's VERY expensive. Luckily, insurance covered the one I did. There was nothing wrong with it, I almost wanted to hold on to it and make something out of it. I just couldn't think of anything worth while.

Thanks for the pics!

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Re: 2019 Prius AWD-e underbody shots [Re: eljefino] #5169483 07/24/19 07:36 AM
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Rolla07 Offline
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The underbody shields will probably come loose in snow and those white clips will detach...the plastic wind dam on my corolla needs to be reattached after every charges 3-4$ per clip!! Good money maker for them if you ask me. (I just buy aftermarket clips for cheap).

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Re: 2019 Prius AWD-e underbody shots [Re: eljefino] #5169646 07/24/19 11:20 AM
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double vanos Offline
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Oil changes will be a breeze.

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Re: 2019 Prius AWD-e underbody shots [Re: eljefino] #5174235 07/29/19 07:47 PM
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BrownBox88 Offline
Joined: Nov 2011
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only 7hp on the rear motor?

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